‘Desperate and yet borderline reasonable’: Don Lemon, Taylor Lorenz have hilarious faceoff over LGBT rights in Gaza

When the dumb and the desperate get together and start talking politics, the outcome is bound to be amusing, but The Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz and ex-CNN anchor Don Lemon took it to the next level during a conversation about LGBTQ rights.

Lemon asked Lorenz, whose ridiculous takes on pretty much everything could keep The Babylon Bee in headlines for ages, “How do you reconcile the way marginalized groups fighting for what’s happening in Gaza, yet in Gaza, they would not have any freedom?”

It was a reference to groups such as “Queers for Palestine” that don’t seem to understand that Hamas, which rules Gaza, embraces Shari’a law.

According to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, radical Islamic interpretations of Shari’a law result in the imposition of “capital punishment on members of the LGBTI community.”

In other words, they kill gay people.

But, according to Lorenz, the LGTBQ community is no better off in Texas.

“They don’t have any freedoms in Texas and Florida,” she shot back.

It was too much stupid, even for Lemon, who rarely misses an opportunity to play the victim card.

“Taylor I’m a member of the LGBTQ community,” Lemon gently reminded Lorenz. “If I go to Texas, they’re not going to throw me off a roof.”

Lorenz, noted many users on X, should stick to less cerebral pursuits.

“Why are straight people always trying to speak for gay people?” asked the “Gays for Trump” account. “Texas & Florida are NOTHING like Gaza! Shut up Taylor!”

“It’s called Virtue Signaling my dude,” replied another user.

“How in the world does that woman remain employed?” wondered one user. “Every article she writes and every time she speaks, it becomes ever more apparent that there is nothing behind those eyes.”

Alas, Lorenz’s only superpower may be the ability to make Lemon sound sane.


Melissa Fine


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