Destiny launches world of hurt with ‘insanely complicated’ definition of a woman

Destiny, a progressive YouTube streamer, opened himself up to a world of ridicule with his hilarious definition of a woman during an interview with the Hodge Twins.

In an attempt to appease the gender-crazed left, Destiny, whose real name Steven Kenneth Bonnell II, declared that it was “insanely complicated” to determine who is female, saying it”depends on the circumstance.”

“Behind you is a red curtain,” Destiny said. “If you’d never seen the color red before and I say there’s a red curtain behind you, I can never actually express what that qualia is to you. You’re not going to know unless you experience it yourself, right?”

“So there are things that we experience and when we have two brains, I can’t actually ever send you an idea. I can’t do it. It’s impossible, because our brains are separate,” he continued with his convoluted explanation.

(Video Credit: The Hodge Twins)

Falling back on progressive talking points, Destiny insisted that the meaning of words is dependent on a person’s “own experience.”

“So when I say like, oh, this blanket is really soft, you might think soft like a dog or a kitty cat or a pillow,” he said. “You’ve got other experiences that map onto it, right?”

Keep in mind that Destiny attracts 3 million viewers to his YouTube channel with doublespeak that would be readily accepted on American college campuses, which have been busy revolting for the past number of weeks.

Defining a woman is equivalent to considering “what makes a table a table,” or “whether a hot dog qualifies as a sandwich,” our left-wing hero insisted.

“For all of the language that we use, when we say words, there’s a whole bunch of associated concepts that like pop up when we say those words,” Destiny said. “Now they might not map cleanly onto some universal, platonistic form of a thing.”

“So for instance, when I say table and I tell you to define a table, you can never give me a definition that encompasses all tables and excludes all things that aren’t tables. Do they always have four legs, is it something you can sit on or not? It’s really complicated,” he proffered. “So when you say, what is a woman, well, when you say woman, depending on the context, it lights up a whole bunch of concepts.”

“So it really kind of depends on the circumstance, right…”

Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist and director of the campaign group Genspect, told the Daily Mail that Destiny was clearly “tying himself in knots.”

“I believe that this man knows that a woman is an adult human female: we all know this,” she said.

He also knows how the intolerant left will respond IF he fails to regurgitate their gender insanity.

Social media users had little patience for the YouTuber — here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

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