NY Times keeps the Alito smear assembly line running on high with attack on justice’s wife

The New York Times continues to churn out hit pieces to whip up fake outrage over Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s flags as Democrats move to bench him from one of the most consequential cases in the nation’s history.

Doing its part to keep the narrative alive, the once-venerable newspaper is now going after Mrs. Alito in an article featuring the neighbors involved in the upside-down flag flap to portray Martha-Ann Alito as the instigator.

The justice had told the outlet that his spouse had hoisted Old Glory in the upside down position which is a signal of distress “in response to a neighbor’s use of objectionable and personally insulting language on yard signs.”

The justice’s wife was also called the C-word by the neighbor, a particularly vulgar term that did little to deescalate the tense situation.

In a Tuesday story, the paper interviewed Emily Baden who along with her anonymous husband claims that they called the police on Mrs. Alito after “a series of encounters,” in its ongoing weaponizing of a neighborhood dispute for blatantly political purposes.

“Somebody in a position of authority needs to talk to her and make her stop,” a 36-year-old man said in a call to police in Fairfax County, Virginia but was told that there was nothing they could do about someone yelling which isn’t a crime. The Feb. 15, 2021, was recorded and conveniently provided to the New York Times.

“It’s very hard for us to come into a situation like this after it’s already settled,” the officer said. “Next time that happens, you’re welcome to call us back out there, we’ll see if we can get there to see what’s going on ourselves.”

The plea for police intervention sets the table for the rest of the lengthy articles which allows the Badens who it acknowledges are “liberal and proud of it” to tell their side of the story in another of the one-sided hit pieces that the Times routinely cranks out like an assembly line of anti-Republican propaganda.

While Baden acknowledges that she called Mrs. Alito a “c**t” it is the conservative justice’s wife who is portrayed as the loose cannon in the neighborhood.

“I will fully cop to that,” Baden said, admitting she flung the incendiary term at Martha-Ann Alito.

“She does not remember her precise words, but recalls something like this: How dare you behave this way,” the Times reports. “You’ve been harassing us, over signs. You represent the highest court in the land. Shame on you.”

The Times reporter Jodi Kantor touts winning a Pulitzer Prize in her X bio but other users aren’t of the opinion that her Alito flag series is award-winning material.

The seeming purpose of the story is to undermine the credibility of Justice Alito who is the focus of a vicious smear campaign by Democrats and their allies who seek to bully Chief Justice John Roberts into removing him from the upcoming ruling on immunity for presumptive GOP nominee Donald J. Trump.

That’s what’s really at the heart of the Times’ ongoing focus on the big nothing burger about Alito’s flags, the upside-down one at his residence, and the Appeal to Heaven flag at the family’s New Jersey vacation home.

With a building full of “woke” brats and Democrat activists, it’s hard to see the formerly respected “newspaper of record” ever regaining the credibility that it has lost since the 2016 election.

Chris Donaldson


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