Dirty old man: NY Mag reports Biden regularly talks sex with staffers

The propaganda campaign to change perceptions about President Joe Biden’s advanced age is already portraying him as a virile if not downright randy senior citizen.

With the octogenarian leader’s team in desperation mode to shift the narrative after the report by special counsel Robert Hur further contributed to suspicions that Biden is senile, New York Magazine’s The Intelligencer depicts the 81-year-old as having the libido of a far younger man.

“As part of a presidential team effort to combat the widely held belief among voters that Joe Biden is too old to serve a second term, his aides have been giving reporters more of a peek at the man they know behind the scenes,” according to the outlet.

Stating that Biden can bully staffers who “aren’t performing up to standards, the outlet says “that he can “also get a little spicy, in a Diamond Joe sort of way,” linking to a page by the satirical website The Onion portraying him in macho scenes.

The Intelligencer cites a Washington Post puff piece about the deeply unpopular president’s “private chats and chance encounters” that in addition to being Soviet-level propaganda, divulges that during the height of the COVID pandemic that Biden “wanted to know how college students went on dates.”

“Specifically, Biden wondered how young people could “make love” under the circumstances, according to two aides who heard the president use that phrase multiple times during his first year in office,” wrote the WaPo’s Tyler Pager.

The reaction from X users was one of disgust, disbelief, and revulsion.

Some also pointed out the double standards because just imagine if a similar story were published about former President Donald J. Trump or any other Republican.

Sticking to the narrative about the allegedly sexy senior citizen, according to excerpts from a new book, Biden has also boasted about “good sex” being the key to marital success.

That Biden would be making dirty talk with staffers and how his surrogates would think that having it reported is a good thing despite his “creepy Joe” reputation for sniffing young children is more than a bit of a head-scratcher.

Chris Donaldson


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