Border Patrol union goes scorched earth over Biden border visit: ‘Call a lid, hit beach, take nap’

Rife with reality checks, the president’s Brownsville photo op earned some particularly scathing shots from the Border Patrol Union.

Since President Joe Biden’s inauguration, estimates figured over 8 million illegal entries into the United States have occurred while the White House has played word games and shifted blame for the crisis. So after a Thursday stop in Brownsville, Texas orchestrated to find fault with Republicans for the border crisis, the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) tore into the commander-in-chief who then departed to Camp David for the weekend.

Captioning a picture of Biden in a beach chair, the union wrote up a mock itinerary for the president’s recent schedule on X. “Board [Air Force One], take nap. Wake up in place called Brownsville. Read large teleprompter message, ‘It’s all Trump’s fault’. Board [Air Force One], ask who people in green uniforms were, told they ‘strap’ illegal aliens, express horror, take nap. Wake up, call a lid, hit beach, take nap.”

During his border stop away from some of the worst areas of the crisis, the president sought to prop up failed Senate legislation that would legitimize thousands of illegal entries per day equating to nearly 2 million annually.

“The majority of Democrats and Republicans in both houses support this legislation — until someone came along and said, ‘Don’t do that; it’ll benefit the incumbent,'” said Biden as he urged House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) to put the bill to a vote. “That’s a hell of a way to do business in America for such a serious problem.”

Before departing Washington, D.C. for the weekend, the president was challenged on his own inaction for not issuing executive orders that could make an immediate impact to which he claimed, “Because we need more forces on the border, I don’t have the authority to do that.”

Billionaire Elon Musk readily found fault with that as he reminded how nearly 100 separate actions taken by the administration were what had exacerbated the crisis.

“The massive flood of illegal immigration is due to 94 executive actions by the Biden administration. Until those executive actions are revoked,” wrote Musk on X, “claims by Biden that he wants to address illegal immigration are a bold-faced lie.”

So too did the NBPC remind how Biden’s administration had unraveled the efforts of predecessor former President Donald Trump, whom union president Brandon Judd endorsed and joined at a visit to Eagle Pass, Texas while the incumbent stayed away from the problems wrought there.

“Wasn’t it Biden who encouraged people from all over the world to ‘surge the border’? Didn’t Biden immediately void all the successful Trump [Executive Orders] that were keeping our border under control?” the union asked on X Friday. “Didn’t he publicly and viciously accuse [Border Patrol] agents of criminal assault, then told the world ‘those people will pay’, and the entire thing was made up BS?”

“Has he apologized or taken responsibility for any of it, or asked forgiveness from the victims of some of the millions of illegal aliens he imported into this country? Yes, yes, yes and no,” the account asserted. “Instead, he lamely tries to blame all of the mayhem, death, budget busting and misery he’s caused the last 3 years on a failed border bill that never even surfaced until this year, after he’d done all this damage. And the propaganda-loving [mainstream media] goes right along with it.”

“He’s a stone cold loser. And if that hurts your feelings, too bad. Enough is enough. We won’t be silenced by leftist thugs,” the organization concluded.

Kevin Haggerty


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