Disgruntled former fanatic says Disney is ‘anti-consumer’ as he documents CRAZY jump in prices

While Walt Disney World is billed as “the happiest place on earth,” one Disney fanatic is not feeling so gay about a recent visit to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida.

Longtime fan Jake Williams complained that Disney is becoming “anti-consumer,” declaring that he did the math and that it would be cheaper to take a family on an overseas vacation, according to the Daily Mail.

Williams documented his visit and realized a massive 44% increase in pricing since 2017. He also took issue with the removal of once-complimentary services that adds hundreds of dollars to a trip to the park.

He and his partner Emmi stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans resort, which he said was “pretty nice.”

“I got a discounted rate at $249 a night but that really turned out to be $280 a night with tax,” Williams told the British tabloid.

After noting that they had a reasonable meal — $22.79 per person, plus tax — Williams said they took Disney’s complimentary bus transportation to the park.

It was there that he pointed out a reformatting of the price tier of their annual passes system since their last visit.

“[They] bumped up the prices for both the passes and regular day tickets,” the Disney fanatic said. “We chose to do the classic Park Magic Kingdom which also happens to be the most expensive Park unlike days of the past Disney, it now has variable pricing for each park depending on when you’re going.”

As the article noted, Magic Kingdom tickets are $154 per person, which totaled $328 for him and his girlfriend Emmi.

“As expensive as that sounds, at least it’s not on a more expensive day like in late November where day tickets can get as high as $184 a person,” Williams said, before noting the “insane” lines at many attractions and rides.

According to Williams, the exact same trip in 2017 would have cost a total of $567.

“That’s almost a $320 difference between two trips that’s a 44% increase in just 7 years far outpacing inflation which is around 24%,” the Daily Mail reported.

The key differences, Williams said, were Disney’s decision to start charging for the bus to the resort and the fast passes.

“During our trip we paid $23 per person, making it $46 for both of us,” he said. “So after purchasing the privilege of something we used to get for free, we booked a few attractions for later in the day like Pirates and Haunted Mansion – but throughout the afternoon the wait times were consistently long.”

“In this iteration they now charge you money for it,” he said, pointing out that visitors have to purchase another app called Genie+ and that you have to pay extra to queue for some rides.

“Doing a Disney World trip has gotten a lot more expensive,” Williams said in hindsight. “And remember this is without buying additional merchandise or any other snacks or even magic bands which used to be free but are now like $35.”

It’s “difficult” for Williams to justify how expensive Disney is, especially when comparing it to other exotic options.

“It’s frustrating to see Disney make something that used to be free generate tens of millions from it and give no extra value in the parks,” he said. “I can’t help but think that nobody seems to care if Disney is just staggeringly more expensive than it used to be, all while removing perks that used to be free.”

Williams said a trip to the French Rivera would $3,462, according to his calculations, and a luxurious trip to Bali would be around $4,600.

“I really do love the Disney parks,” he concluded, “but I’m not willing to put up with the huge price hikes and this convoluted system where I know there are better places for my money to be spent.”

Tom Tillison


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