More National Guard troops deploy to Southern border as Biden admin fails to act

Red states rallying against President Joe Biden’s border crisis counted two more waves of support en route to Texas with an eye on “showing the rest of the country what it means to lead.”

While pollsters continue to qualify the illegal entry of millions of foreign nationals as an immigration issue, it remained that for the first time in years, voters viewed the crisis as the most important problem facing the nation.

So, after dueling border visits from presidents, each with their eye on returning to the White House, Tennessee’s Gov. Bill Lee (R) followed through in continuing a state-led effort where the federal government had faltered.

“As America faces the most severe border crisis in decades, TN is showing the rest of the country what it means to lead,” he posted on X after a Saturday visit to the Millington Tennessee Army National Guard Armory. “Today, I joined National Guard members who will soon deploy on a voluntary mission to secure the Southern border as the federal government fails to act.”

As detailed by WKRN, the governor’s deployment of 50 Tennessee National Guard members was set to be the first of two waves to an as yet undisclosed location at the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas. Lee was said to have asked for 100 volunteers and received nearly 400.

Speaking to those men and women Saturday, Lee expressed, “It’s not lost on us that your family serves, as well.”

Along with U.S. Rep. David Kustoff, state Republican lawmakers in attendance included Reps. Chris Hurt, Debra Moody and Chris Todd along with Sens. Ed Jackson and Brent Taylor, of whom the governor had posted, “Many thanks to @RepDavidKustoff & members of the TN General Assembly for supporting TN’s guardsmen & women as they lend full support to @GovAbbott & the people of TX.”

“America continues to face an unprecedented border crisis, and people across the nation are experiencing the devastating consequences of rising crime, drug trafficking and human trafficking,” said Lee to the volunteers. “Governors are working together, taking immediate action to do what the federal government won’t do, and that is secure our border. I commend Tennessee’s National Guard troops for answering this important call to service and providing critical support.”

According to the results of a recent Gallup poll, the percentage of voters naming “Immigration” as their top issue reached 28% in Feb. 2024, the highest total since the last time the issue peaked among respondents in July 2019 at 27%.

Disregarding three years of action and inaction taken by his administration that exacerbated the crisis, Biden had attempted to shift blame for the problem to GOP lawmakers while he visited the border Thursday far from the epicenter in Brownsville, Texas.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump had headed directly to Eagle Pass, Texas where he met with Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and stated bluntly that the “blood of countless innocent victims” was on Biden’s hands.

“He’s transported columns of fighting men,” added the former commander-in-chief amid his trip to Shelby Park where the Lone Star State stood its ground against legal challenges from the Biden admin over the use of razor wire defenses. “They look like warriors to me.”

Lee’s promise of 50 National Guardsmen followed another commitment of 50 from Florida by Gov. Ron DeSantis, in addition to 76 Florida Highway Patrol troopers, as the Sunshine State executive asserted, “We think this is an American issue, partially just because we should have a secure country. And then partially the effects of this border invasion go to all 50 states.”

Kevin Haggerty


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