Dismayed family of mom & daughter mowed down by man let out on bond 2 days later ‘demand answers’

Footage from St. Louis intersection where mother-daughter duo were struck dead released as the family is “at a loss” after driver out on bond.

(Video: KSDK)

On Feb. 14, 42-year-old Laticha Bracero of Chicago and her 21-year-old daughter Alyssa Cordova were walking near the Enterprise Center after leaving the Drake concert in St. Louis, Missouri. Crossing the street in the crosswalk, video captured the moment a vehicle said to be traveling over 70mph ran the red light, clipping another vehicle and fatally striking both women.

Two days later, the driver of the vehicle, 22-year-old Monte Henderson, faced with two counts of involuntary manslaughter and two counts of armed criminal action was released after paying 10% of his $200,000 bond in cash, KSDK detailed.

“My family demands accountability from everyone everywhere. The driver, the police department, the states attorneys office, the venue, traffic control etc,” cousin Nicole Rivera told the outlet in a statement.

“My family is not being allowed time to grieve and we haven’t even figured out how to bring Lety and Alyssa home yet and we are at a loss as to how a man can take 2 lives and be out on bond 2 days later able to sit at home with his family,” she had said.

“We have MANY questions and demand answers,” added Rivera.

Adding to the controversial release of Henderson, St. Louis Police Officer Matthew Wieczorek was said to have asserted in his probable cause statement that he considered the suspect a danger to the community and unlikely to appear on a summons, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch indicated.

Still, after being charged for the involuntary manslaughters with his Jeep Grand Cherokee, Judge Annette Llewellyn appeared to disregard the warning from Wieczorek. As it happened, Llewellyn had been one of the first hires by since-ousted Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner (D).

The George Soros-backed prosecutor had routinely failed to appear in court leading her to face contempt of court charges as a result of her absences as well as other alleged miscarriages of justice.

“As AG, I want to protect the people of St. Louis,” Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R) had said in Feb. 2023 when 17-year-old Jane Edmondson had been struck resulting in both her legs being amputated. “Instead of protecting victims, Circuit Attorney Gardners is creating them. My office will do everything in its power to restore order, and eliminate the chaos in St. Louis caused by Kim Gardner’s neglect of her office.”

A crowdfunding campaign has since been put together to aid the family and Rivera added in her statement to KSDK, “The police department has failed to reach out to us and the states attorneys office has provided inaccurate information. This man should NOT have been able to go home after ONLY 2 days and he took 2 lives. We don’t know if he had a driver’s license, we don’t know if he was under the influence, we don’t know his criminal history, we don’t know if he’s a flight risk, we don’t know if he had vehicle insurance.”

Kevin Haggerty


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