Embattled Illinois mayor promotes new podcast during FBI probe; residents urge her to ‘grow up’, leave town

Dolton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard, who is under investigation by the FBI for a number of things, has launched “the most entertaining political podcast ever.”

The FBI is looking into allegations of corruption against Henyard. That doesn’t seem to be giving the flamboyant mayor much pause because she’s decided this is the perfect time to capitalize on the mess she finds herself in by launching the “On Tha Move Podcast.” It’s set to make its debut on Spotify next week with a Q&A segment called “Truth Speaks,” according to Fox 32.

“The south suburban mayor posted a short promotional video on YouTube on Sunday. She told viewers to post their questions for her in the comments but warned them to be respectful,” the media outlet reported.

“I got the tea. With the receipts. Matter of fact – if you want the tea, get it from me,” Henyard quipped in the video.

(Video Credit: Fox 32)

The official description of the podcast reads, “Get ready for the most entertaining political podcast ever! Tiffany Henyard’s On Tha Move Podcast is filled with humor, facts, and most importantly The TEA! Get your weekly dose of excitement straight from SuperMayor Tiffany A. Henyard ‘The People’s Mayor.'”

People and businesses seem to be lining up to hammer Henyard over alleged corruption.

“Since taking office in 2021, local businesses have complained that they can’t get their licenses renewed and are being harassed after refusing to donate to Henyard’s events,” Fox 32 noted.

Some businesses have been raided because they allegedly would not donate to or support the mayor.

“On Tuesday, a Dolton-based U-Haul rental and trucking business owner named Lawrence Gardner told FOX 32 he went to the FBI out of frustration that the Village of Dolton would not renew his business license. He claims he has suffered from harassment, a raid on his business, and was shut down by Dolton police. Gardner believes it is retaliation after he refused to donate to a civic event sponsored by Henyard,” Fox News reported.

“FOX 32 reported Wednesday that multiple bars in the town were raided by police the day after the news team visited the businesses amid allegations their licenses were being held up for political reasons. The raids reportedly occurred mere hours after FOX 32’s report about the alleged FBI investigation into Henyard’s conduct was released,” the media outlet continued.

“Employees and owners of the bars reportedly claimed ‘it’s part of an ongoing campaign of harassment by Dolton Mayor Tiffany Henyard’ and that ‘Their business licenses have been stripped by Dolton, but they’ve continued to operate with a state license,'” Fox News wrote.

She may be using the police for her personal vendettas but the police are also pointing the finger at the mayor over corruption.

“Former Dolton Police Chief Robert Collins accused Henyard of misusing her security detail. Henyard has also been accused of spending taxpayer money on trips and self-promoting billboards,” Fox 32 continued in accusations reminiscent of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

(Video Credit: Fox 32)

She’s been accused of using taxpayer money to purchase first-class airline tickets, to stay at luxury hotels. and to dine at high-end restaurants. The mayor has also reportedly spent hundreds of thousands on personal security as well as her hair, makeup, and outfits.

Henyard arrogantly plugged the podcast on Facebook, “Let’s set the record straight. I will give facts and put the mess to rest! … I want my apologies to be just as loud as the negativity. PERIOD…”

Last week, the Dolton Board of Trustees voted to have the FBI investigate Henyard after several residents complained about her lack of accountability.

“Dolton Trustees slammed the mayor for having ‘disgraced this entire village’ and being a ‘stain on our community,'” Fox News reported.

“The grownup thing would be for her to resign. Just get out of here, leave town,” one woman said according to Fox 32. “You have disgraced this entire village and disrespected each and every one of us.”

Henyard has attempted to make herself a walking viral sensation who lives large at taxpayers’ expense, claiming it’s her due.

“The self-proclaimed ‘Super Mayor,’ who insists ‘God chose me’ and met with President Biden in January, has been said to engage in such wild antics it is like a ‘real life Parks and Rec situation.’ But her multitudes of alleged misdeeds could finally be catching up to her,” Fox News stated.

“Henyard is also well-known for using a makeup artist, hairdresser, and stylist before public appearances and photoshoots. Residents complain she puts up town billboards to promote herself personally, and she has produced music videos that feature city workers, such as police dancing or boosting her image by being in the background as she lip-syncs songs,” the media outlet pointed out.

(Video Credit: The Southland Journal)


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