DNC official stuns MSNBC panel into silence with unhinged smear against CPAC attendees

Leftists attacking Republican reputations on corporate media is nothing new, but one Democratic National Committee (DNC) member with a reputation for blurring reality evidently took it too far even for MSNBC when her accusations led to an awkward clarification.

(Video: MSNBC)

The same day that the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) was coming to a close, DNC national finance committee member and 2020 delegate for President Joe Biden Lindy Li joined MSNBC’s “Yasmin Vossoughian Reports” to offer her analysis of the event she considered a “gathering of sexual predators.”

Fresh off a direct attack against former UN ambassador Nikki Haley as a “total sell-out,” Li riffed on “truth” with a blanket attack against anyone opposed to woke ideologies that painted them as racists.

“Let’s be clear what anti-woke means. It’s anti-black. And I think people are very reluctant to say it, but I don’t mince any words, and that’s the truth. That’s their way of, you know, sounding the dog whistle without being extremely explicit,” she said.

She then turned back directly to the subject at hand and declared, “Let’s also not ignore the fact that CPAC has become a gathering of sexual predators. Let’s be honest.”

While the host alongside MSNBC political analyst Susan Del Percio sat by in stunned silence, Li proceeded to rant, treating allegations as convictions as she rattled off some of the worst claims that had been made about attendees.

“Matt Schlapp, the chairman, was sued for $10 million for allegedly groping a male staffer on the Herschel Walker campaign,” she began. “And then he shares a stage with (Ohio Rep.) Jim Jordan who allegedly covered up sex crimes at Ohio State; and then he was followed by (Florida Rep.) Matt Gaetz who was just investigated by the FBI for teen sex trafficking; and then he was followed by (Georgia Rep.) Marjorie Taylor Greene who’s an adultress; and then (Colorado Rep.) Lauren Boebert who brags about carrying a Glock around Congress and just this week threatened to blow up metal detectors; and then finally tonight we have (former President Donald) Trump, a serial rapist.”

“And so this is the party that claims to be the party of Christian family values and I have nothing to say or do but laugh at that,” Li concluded.

After a pause and what looked to be a deep breath to gather herself, Vossoughian was left setting the record straight and said, “I just wanna be clear here though, you know, that it’s important to put out there — we understand the accusations that have been made against, of course, the former president, Lindy. And of course, I understand your passion in this topic as well. But I want to be clear, of course, that that — none of that has actually rung true as of yet. Just, they’ve all been accusations so far.”

Li was undeterred by the correction and posted the clip to her social media account, making light of the host’s comment and wrote, “I dropped some truth bombs about the (alleged) sexual predators at CPAC and what ‘anti-woke’ really means. It may not be pretty but this is the unvarnished truth.”

For leftists, truth is a subjective concept as demonstrated by Li in 2020 when she was reportedly “forced to resign” as treasurer of the Pennsylvania Young Democrats when she had shared a doctored video of rival presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) that depicted him praising communist dictators.

Li also had some strong opinions about the sexual assault allegations brought against Biden and what she believed should happen to those who reported on them and contended in May 2020, “Now that Tara Reade’s story has completely imploded, I hope the @FBI investigates @NathanJRobinson @kthalps @ryangrim for their role in this fraud.”

“Tare or whatever your actual name is, you have gravely harmed real #metoo survivors,” Li added.

Kevin Haggerty


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