‘Does it sound like I’m voting for Trump?’ Maher grills Charlamagne tha God on his 2024 choice

Spelling further bad news for Democrats, a prominent podcast host remained defensive as he refused to commit to a vote for President Joe Biden when pressed by comedian Bill Maher.

“…does it sound like I’m voting for Donald Trump?”

Inroads by former President Donald Trump into demographics typically dominated by the left have shown that the ever-pandering incumbent is still ceding territory to the GOP leader in Hispanic and black communities. On the latest edition of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the host barely broached the subject of Biden’s desperate pitch to black voters before Charlamagne tha God of “The Breakfast Club” was distancing himself from being on the record.

“So let’s talk about Morehouse,” began Maher referencing the president’s May commencement address at the Historically Black Colleges and Universities school, “because I know you are not going to endorse Joe Biden.”

“I’m not endorsing anybody,” asserted the guest who added, “But that doesn’t mean I’m not voting,” as the host made clear, “Right, I know.”

“I understand,” continued Maher. “Yes, but that is a way of indicating where your mind is on that. I understand. I don’t agree with it. I am gonna vote for Joe Biden if it’s Trump and Biden. I’ve said it before. I’ll vote for his head in a jar of blue liquid.”

Attempting to maintain a posture of neutrality on the two leading candidates for president, particularly as cancel culture has made the barest inklings of favor toward Trump taboo, Charlamagne advanced, “But here’s the thing, Bill. Whenever I have these conversations or I come on these shows, I say the same thing about Donald Trump. I think Donald Trump is a threat to democracy. I think he led an attempted coup in this country. He wanted to, you know, terminate the Constitution to overthrow the results of an election.”

“And I say I’m voting to preserve democracy. So when I say those things that I just said, does it sound like I’m voting for Donald Trump? And, and I watch this show-” he continued as Maher interjected, “Why don’t you just say it?”

Suggesting there was some sort of disparity in treatment, Charlamagne called out, “I watched your show a couple weeks ago. I saw Ken Burke was up here. Ken Burke said he’s not, he doesn’t support Trump or Biden, and he’s not voting. You didn’t give him no push back on that. None.”

“Who said this?” asked the confused host as it was unclear his guest was referring to former Colorado Rep. Ken Buck (R) who had joined the program alongside David Axelrod, former senior advisor to then-President Barack Obama.

“Ken Burke? Am I saying his name right? White guy? Republican? That could be any of ’em,” snarked Charlamagne before Maher argued, “I don’t remember that dude, but I push back on that all the time.”

Holding to his defense, he contended of Buck, “Oh…he said — I remember it vividly — he said I don’t support either one of them. And I’m not voting. I’m not voting.”

When Maher steered back to his original question on Morehouse, the address was slammed as “a lot of doom and gloom” before Charlamagne added instead of a speech Biden should have done a town hall. “Instead of trying to talk to people, he should talk with them.”

Asked about the president’s remarks where he said, “What is democracy if you have to be 10 times better than anyone else to get a fair shot?” the guest partially agreed with the premise, suggesting “five times.”

Kevin Haggerty


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