Don Jr leads in shredding of Politico over ‘reluctant prosecutor’ Alvin Bragg puff piece

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s legal lynching of former President Donald J. Trump is so egregious that the propagandists in the media are having to run cover for him to excuse his blatant abuse of power.

The Soros-backed prosecutor who ran on getting Trump basked in the afterglow of the guilty verdict in a Soviet-style show trial that has done irreparable damage to the American system of justice, once the envy of the civilized world.

As obscene as the post-trial coverage of Bragg by the de facto state media has been, Politico took it to a different level when it described the rabidly partisan district attorney as a “reluctant prosecutor” in a description that has no basis in reality.

“The Harlem Democrat, who at times seemed like a reluctant participant in a trial he launched, secured a place in history as the first prosecutor to land the conviction of an American president,” Politico wrote in its piece that borders on parody. “It’s easily one of the most dazzling feats of jurisprudence the nation has seen — and the sort of accomplishment that could launch him on a political rocket ship to Washington.”

Former Republican New York congressman Lee Zeldin fact-checked the Politico propaganda.

“Bragg campaigned to take down Trump. Reluctant prosecutor? Like Comey reluctantly signed off on the FISA app, Lynch reluctantly refused to prosecute Hillary, Garland reluctantly blessed Hunter’s sweet heart plea deal, and Schiff reluctantly launched an impeachment probe of Trump?” Zeldin said in a post to X.

The description was so dishonestly ludicrous – even for Politico – that the outlet was shredded by X users.

“I have investigated Trump and his children and held them accountable for their misconduct with the Trump Foundation. I also sued the Trump administration more than 100 times for the travel ban, the separation of children from their families at the border. So I know that work. I know how to follow the facts and hold people in power accountable,” Bragg said during his campaign.

Politico might as well change its name to Pravda.

Chris Donaldson


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