Hunter Biden owes up to $2.9M in alimony to ex-wife and expected witness in his gun trial

Ahead of the start of Hunter Biden’s Delaware gun case, a new report indicated he owed a witness set to testify millions — and she happens to be his ex-wife.

Ever fond of claiming “decency is on the ballot,” a cursory glance at the first son alone was enough to suggest President Joe Biden was leaning heavily on spin doctors to deflect against the litany of scandalous allegations involving his family. Between claims of influence-peddling, the estrangement of a love child and the soon-to-commence federal gun and tax evasion cases, Axios reported that Hunter also shirked on paying at least $1.7 million in alimony as part of an ongoing civil suit.

A review of court documents by the outlet confirmed that mere days after the president’s inauguration, his scandal-ridden son’s ex-wife, Kathleen Buhle, was found to be owed more than $1.7 million by a Washington, D.C. court, including spousal support, legal fees and interest dating back to their 2017 divorce.

“Their divorce agreement called for Hunter to pay Buhle $37,000 a month plus 50% of anything he made over $875,000 annually…Hunter didn’t pay the additional spousal support he owed in 2017 and 2018,” detailed Axios national political correspondent Alex Thompson, “when he earned $2.4 million and $2.1 million, respectively, according to the court documents.”

By April 2023, Buhle’s lawyers contended the sum had climbed to $2.9 million and attorney Wendy Schwartz had said in a filing, “Ms. Buhle previously told this court that the expense and emotional toll this has had on her is enormous and appears to be never-ending. Those feelings have not changed.”

The attorney also pointed out that, with the help of his “sugar brother” Hollywood lawyer chum Kevin Morris, the younger Biden had borrowed “millions of dollars to pay federal back taxes and accumulated child support (and attorney fees) in Arkansas,” related to his daughter with former lover Lunden Roberts.

Previously, Hunter had been chided by the court in June 2020 for attempting to delay restitution for Buhle “for as long as possible,” having failed to pay a court-ordered $259,000 sum, plus interest, in April of that year. At the same time, attorneys for the son of then-candidate former Vice President Joe Biden tried, “It is likely hoped that there will be some financial intervention, funded by some third-party, to help Mr. Biden with these obligations, in an effort to avoid the anticipated embarrassment to his father’s presidential campaign.”

With Buhle expected to testify in both the Delaware gun case, where Hunter was said to have lied about drug use on a federal form, and the California tax evasion case, stall-tactics had come to the fore yet again, but where the latter had been bumped to September, the former remained on track to begin week of June 3.

Reacting to the report of Biden’s alimony, contributing editor for The Spectator Stephen L. Miller remarked, “Doesn’t pay child support. Doesn’t act like a father. Gets free rides Air Force Once and state dinners. Decency restored. Soul of the nation.”

Likewise, social media account @mazemoore ran through some of the broad strokes of Hunter’s background as a “reminder” before the president tried once more to paint the first family as even remotely idyllic:

“Joe Biden’s son cheated on his wife with countless prostitutes. Then he cheated on his wife with his dead brother’s widow. Then he cheated on his dead brother’s widow with her sister. Then his brother’s widow begged him to stay away from his niece because of his inappropriate behavior. Then he impregnated a stripper and denied the child was his during his next engagement. Just a reminder before Biden gives us his weekly speech on decency and the media tells us how great this family is.”

Kevin Haggerty


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