Don Jr. rips squishy Republicans for refusing to fight ‘fire with fire’

Donald Trump Jr. ripped squishy Republicans for their lack of fighting spirit as Democrats are poised to put his father behind bars after railroading him in a corrupt court.

Criminals are encouraged by weakness, and it’s the same way in politics when it comes to the lawfare thuggery of the Democratic Party which has been enabled by the failure of Trump’s own party, refusing to stand up and punch the bully in the face.

Don Jr. sat down for an interview with Tucker Carlson where he discussed the left’s hostile takeover of America, the disastrous presidency of Joe Biden, and the politizing of the judicial system against one man, former President Donald J. Trump.

“I’m sick of RINOs responding to Democrat tyranny with strongly worded letters. We need more conservatives who have the courage to fight fire with fire,” he wrote on X, sharing a clip from his sit-down with Carlson.

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Carlson noted that Democrats are never held accountable for their actions which have become increasingly authoritarian in recent years.

“They weren’t punished for the Iraq war or the Afghanistan withdrawal or the lies around COVID, the vaccine mandates. They weren’t punished for the 2020 election,” he said.

Trump responded, “Russia, Russia, Russia, I mean, Russia. Not only are they not punished or they’re they’re given better jobs. They either keep their job and then they get a CNN contributorship to talk about preserving democracy.”

“But maybe I mean, if you treated your kids this way, they’d be sociopaths,” Carlson said. “You allowed. They are well, they… I mean, they’re I’m sure they had boomer parents… knows them, of course, but I mean, someone needs to be punished at some point, right? So it stops.”

(Video: The Tucker Carlson Show)

“The Democrats don’t fear us because they know we’d never play the same game because we actually believe. And what they think is that, you know, sound bite. We actually believe those things. And it’s actually hard. It’s hard for me to say those things because I’d love not to have to play that game,” Trump said. “But I don’t believe there’s another answer other than, like, we have to fight fire with fire as long as we’re playing T-ball while they’re playing fast, pitch hardball, they’re going to win.”

“They’re going to take their power. They’re going to run to the bank. They’re going to and laugh every step of the way. There’s there’s just not enough actual fighters there. I mean, when you look at even I honestly look at the Republican bench. It’s not very deep,” he added.

“I think the problem with DC is for conservatives, it’s actually an easy existence. You can be a Republican in DC as long as you’re a Republican-lite. You know, if you’re like, hey, say whatever you want when you’re speaking to a group of ten people in your little hometown, you know, you come to DC, you can vote with the Republicans, like 80, 80 percent of the time when it actually matters,” Trump continued. “As long as you vote with us. The Washington Post isn’t going to come after you. They’re not going to be protesting in front of your home. It’s an easy existence. You’ll get invited to the cool person Christmas party and, you know, our holiday party.”

“When Joe Biden and the left talk about protecting democracy…They’re full of sh*t,” Trump Jr. said.

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