Trump officially calls for SCOTUS to intervene in his conviction

Facing the prospect of becoming a political prisoner, former President Donald J. Trump has called for the Supreme Court to come to his assistance.

The unjustly convicted Trump will be back in front of a hostile left-wing judge to be sentenced on July 11, four days before he is set to be officially nominated at the Republican National Convention, an event that he won’t be able to attend if he’s behind bars.

In a Sunday evening post to Truth Social, the presumptive GOP nominee denounced the “fascists” who would deprive the American people of a free and fair election and implored SCOTUS to get involved.

“The ‘Sentencing’ for not having done anything wrong will be, conveniently for the Fascists, 4 days before the Republican National Convention. A Radical Left Soros backed D.A., who ran on a platform of ‘I will get Trump,’ reporting to an ‘Acting’ Local Judge, appointed by the Democrats, who is HIGHLY CONFLICTED, will make a decision which will determine the future of our Nation? The United States Supreme Court MUST DECIDE!” Trump wrote.

“Nobody even knew what the crime was until the Judge gave his Unconstitutional Instructions. A total Hoax! A case like this has NEVER been brought before. A Country in peril. Election Interference!!!” Trump said in another Truth Social post.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-LA) has also called for the Supreme Court to step in and reject the sham conviction from the politicized New York City court.

(Video: Fox News)

“I do believe the Supreme Court should step in, obviously. This is totally unprecedented and it’s dangerous to our system, I  mean we’ve all discussed this before and you all talk about it all the time,” Johnson said during an appearance on Fox News. “This is diminishing the American people’s faith in our system of justice itself, and to maintain a republic, you have to have that. People have to believe that justice is fair, that there’s equal justice under the law. They don’t see that right now.”

“I think that the Justices on the court – I know many of them personally – I think they are deeply concerned about that, as we are. So I think they’ll set this straight but it’s gonna take a while,” he added. “The process takes a while to play you – the Democrats know that of course – and they’re dragging it out. That was the whole objective.”

“They want to try to bankrupt Donald Trump, they want to diminish his credibility and go after his character. They wanted to keep him off of the campaign trail which they were successful in doing for many weeks, and now they want to call him the convicted felon,” Johnson said. “This will be overturned guys, there’s no question about it, it’s just gonna take some time to do it.”

If the nation’s highest court does intervene, Democrats are going to go thermonuclear.

They are already at war with the last government institution that they don’t control and have mounted a fierce push to force the recusal of Justice Samuel Alito from the historic ruling on presidential immunity that’s brought Jack Smith’s J6 case to a standstill. Saving Trump from being thrown into Rikers Island will almost certainly trigger a constitutional crisis when they react.

Chris Donaldson


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