‘Dudes, you are f***ed’: Smiling Ukrainian soldier’s warning for Russia is ultimate morale booster

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Despite the tough odds that they face, Ukrainian soldiers appear to be as confident as their fearless leader, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Case in point: A Ukrainian soldier recorded a video message to his Russian counterparts reportedly giving them one last chance to surrender before it’s too late.

The cheeky video was posted on Twitter this Friday. While its exact origin remains unclear, a rough translation has been provided by several Twitter users.

Watch the video below:

“I’ll record this in Russian to make it be clearer. Well, guys, what’s up? What, is the Ukrainian night quiet, as the great Ukrainian writer Gogol said? Is everything good with you, kids? Do you like our Bayraktars?” the soldier begins, referring to Ukrainian novelist Nikolai Gogol and Bayraktar combat jets.

“What do you think — what’s flying about you right now? What do you think — what is rustling in the bushes, my guys? What thoughts do you have about that? What the f–k could it be?” he continues.

Assuming the translation is correct, it sounds as if he’s mocking the Russians for being “trapped,” per se, in a land/environment that they’re not familiar with.

“Dudes, you are f–ked. You’ve stopped for now. We’re fine. We’re pulling up our reserves. We have aviation and we have tanks. We’ve got everything. Your ass is ours, fellas,” he continues, comparing the Ukrainian military’s performance to that of the Russian military.

He had a point. Multiple sources have reported that the Russians have sustained over 1,000 casualties, at minimum. Russia for its part claims it hasn’t lost a single soldier, but audio/video evidence like what’s seen below disproves this.

Though on the other hand, reports have also emerged that Russian President Vladimir Putin has thus far only deployed a small portion of his total military might.

(*Graphic content)

The Ukrainian soldier then offers his Russian counterparts one last chance to surrender, warning them that if they don’t bend the knee, they’re going to get their butts whooped.

“How about this … why don’t you f–king surrender while you still have the chance? Many of you have already chosen that path. It’s not that bad, really. It may be a mistake we treat prisoners of war fairly well,” he mockingly says.

“So you are stuck right now, and soon we’ll start kicking your a–, and we’ll start doing it right now. Therefore, use your last chance,” he concludes.

The video originally went viral thanks to Olga Tokariuk, a freelance Ukrainian journalist:

But strangely enough, in her tweet, she said that the soldier had said “welcome to hell, Russians.” Yet this wasn’t included in the transcript prepared by the user Peedu Tuisk. It’s not clear whether she was exaggerating or had heard wrong — or whether Tuisk’s translation is what’s off.

Regardless, the video went mega-viral, prompting widespread praise and applause for the unidentified Ukrainian soldier (*Language warning):

Similar praise has been directed at Zelenskyy for refusing to accept an evacuation offer from the U.S. government and instead choosing to remain in the capital city of Kyiv and literally fight for his life.

There’s also been praise for Vitaly Skakun Volodymyrovych, a Ukrainian soldier who reportedly blew himself up to destroy a bridge and prevent the Russians from rushing across.

And then there’s the contingent of Russian soldiers who, despite being outnumbered and outgunned, told the Russians to “go f–k yourselves” rather than surrender. For that, they lost their lives but gained the world’s eternal respect and admiration.

Vivek Saxena


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