‘Dylan doesn’t have breasts!’ Megyn Kelly FUMES over trans influencer doing ads for sports bras

Megyn Kelly has evidently had her fill of TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, the biological male who is being warmly embraced by corporate America despite making a mockery out of being a woman with his ridiculous “365 days of girlhood” ruse.

On her podcast Tuesday, Kelly zeroed in on the very woke Bud Light vice president of marketing, Alissa Heinerscheid, the female executive who is behind what may prove to be the greatest marketing blunder in modern history, which is Bud Light’s decision to hitch its Clydesdales to Mulvaney’s wagon.

“I’m so sick of this nonsense,” Kelly said, adding that “it’s sort of like the Disney executive, ‘I sneak my secret woke agenda in wherever I can.'”

She also predicted that Heinerscheid, a Wharton School and Harvard graduate, will be fired soon.

“She’s embarrassed that Bud Light is the drink of choice for Kid Rock supporters,” Kelly opined. “She’s grossed out, she wants it to be the people who are at Harvard and Wharton drinking that product and she’s gonna change that single-handedly. Right before she gets her ass fired, which is going to happen.”

In noting that corporations now have DEI scores — issued by the left-wing Human Rights Campaign — Kelly unloaded on Nike, which is using Mulvaney to sell sports bras.

“Nike is sponsoring Dylan Mulvaney now for f*cking sports bras okay, I’m sorry,” she said. “Dylan doesn’t have breasts. Dylan’s been taking some sort of hormone that has turned Dylan into some — I don’t know what’s happening there, but those are not breasts and Dylan doesn’t need any sort of a bra, never mind a sports bra.”

The segment featured guests Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson, and Kelly referenced them in her next remarks.

“The three ladies on this program right now have six boobs between us and we actually know what it’s like to wear a bra, and no one would be inspired to buy one based on non-breasted Dylan Mulvaney prancing around in a Nike sports bra,” Kelly said.

Saying what no one else will say, Kelly also noted that Mulvaney appears to have a serious eating disorder.

“By the way, Dylan also appears to have an eating disorder — I’m just gonna say it, but Dylan is about 40 pounds soaking wet,” she added. “So this should not be anybody spokesperson for anything. If there were a woman who looked like that she couldn’t get an endorsement because they would say she clearly is not well.”

Tom Tillison


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