Editor Melissa Chen defends appearances on Fox News after calling out ‘politicization of truth’ by MSM

Contributing editor of The Spectator Melissa Chen was called to defend herself for appearing on Fox News after tweeting about the lack of credibility in the media, and boy did she have a lot to say on the topic.

Kickstarting 2022 with a reflection on the last couple of years in the media and how her trust in the institution may never recover, Chen laid out her opinions in a thoughtful and deliberative manner.

Naturally, some people thought that bringing up Chen’s Fox News appearances would be a great “own” and they would make her look like a hypocrite. Cue the insufferable “Thinking Athiest” himself.

While the rest of the comments section railed Andrews for his desperate and transparent attempt to “gotcha” Chen, she herself gave him a response he’s not likely to forget any time soon.

Chen should not have had to defend going on Fox News, but with the American political landscape as divisive as it is, it’s not a shock that someone would try to call her out on it.

Unfortunately for Andrews, she isn’t the only one willing to go to bat for her opinions:

Sierra Marlee


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