Eight ‘fully vetted’ terrorist suspects with ties to ISIS nabbed in federal sting after release into US

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) conducted a multi-city sting that yielded startling results.

Eight Tajikistan nationals were arrested during the course of the operation, all of whom had crossed the US/Mexico border illegally and were, according to a federal source who spoke to Fox News, “fully vetted” with no information of note showing up during the flagging process. This is made all the more disturbing when compounded with the fact that the individuals are said to have ties with the terror organization ISIS.

The New York Post first reported about the operation, which included the wiretapping of an individual who was allegedly discussing bombs.

“Remember the Boston Marathon [bombing]? I’m afraid something like that might happen again or worse,” the Post reported, citing one of their sources.

A joint statement by ICE and the FBI indicates that the nationals were arrested and will be facing removal proceedings, but with how easy it was for them to cross the border the first time, there’s no telling if they’ll be back.

“Over the last few days, ICE agents arrested several non-citizens pursuant to immigration authorities,” reads the statement. “The actions were carried out in close coordination with the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Forces. The individuals arrested are detained in ICE custody pending removal proceedings … The FBI and DHS will continue working around the clock with our partners to identify, investigate, and disrupt potential threats to national security.”

NBC sources further claim at least two of the arrestees had made the trek to the United States in 2023, and one even reportedly used the CBP One app, which is supposed to allow federal tracking of all migrants awaiting immigration and asylum proceedings.

Republicans have been beating this very drum over the last several years as unfettered immigration creates a dangerous environment that entices those who may want to harm the country to do so from the inside. FBI Director Christopher Wray told the House Appropriations Committee in April that concerns about terror attacks are on the rise.

“Our most immediate concern has been that individuals or small groups will draw twisted inspiration from the events in the Middle East to carry out attacks here at home,” he explained. “But now, increasingly concerning is the potential for a coordinated attack here in the homeland, akin to the ISIS-K attack we saw at the Russia concert hall a couple weeks ago.”

It is no surprise that immigration has been a top concern among voters headed into the 2024 election, so much so that even Biden is putting in an 11th-hour effort to curb “newcomers” and curry favor with his diminishing base of support. Comedian Bill Maher recently ripped on his executive order, saying that the president can’t cover up years of blatantly mishandling the border.

“If Biden loses this election, it’s going to be because of two things: He’s old… and immigration,” Maher said. “I mean, just on a political level, I don’t think they could have handled it worse. He’s finally, after saying he couldn’t do anything, he’s gonna issue an executive order.”

“He’s gonna finally try it six months before the election, which says we will put a cap of 2,500 asylum seekers coming in,” he continued. “If it passes 2,500… if it’s 2,501, then we automatically close the border. Fire marshal says ‘No more!’ He’s gonna come here and close the club! And if you don’t have a stamp on your hand, you can’t get back in!”

“But when it goes down to 1,500, then we resume standard asylum procedures. It’s like surge pricing with Uber. It’s a bizarre scheme that of course has pleased nobody. It looks like a last minute — it looks like he did nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.”

Sierra Marlee


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