Middle school kid ‘humiliated’ over patriotic speech gets EXPELLED along with sisters, mom says

Jimmy Heyward, a middle school student, recently learned he will not be allowed to return to Saint Bonaventure Catholic School.

Heyward’s story initially went viral after he was told he couldn’t give a speech mentioning “patriotism” even though he was running as a candidate for the private school’s “Commissioner of School Spirit and Patriotism” seat.

“My love for America is my motivation for running for Commissioner of Patriotism and School Spirit. It is my honor to live in this country. Sadly, some people take their citizenship for granted, whether it is disrespecting the people who protect us or eating nachos during the national anthem at sporting events,” Jimmy wrote.

The principal, Mary Flock, chided Heyward and told him that he needed to change his speech including the removal of all mentions of “patriotism” claimed the student’s mother, Hattie Ruggles.

The young man stood his ground and refused to be bullied by Flock, resulting in the petulant principal not allowing Jimmy to speak at the rally.

“Jimmy sat on stage with all the other candidates while they said their speeches,” his mom said, adding that he “was on the stage for an hour in front of his peers/teachers/parents being completely humiliated by Mary Flock.”

It would appear the retribution was far from over.

“Finally heard from St. Bonaventure. This morning we received an email terminating Jimmy, Alice, and Livia from the school and will not allow them to return next year,” Ruggles posted, alongside a termination letter indicating all of her children, not just patriotic Jimmy, were being punished.

According to the letter, the children are kicked out of school due to “serious violations of the Christian Code of Conduct and the Parent Electronic Communication Policy.” Apparently, the parents had spoken to the school officials in a way “that is not in line with our expectations of respectful and courteous communication,” and had been “posting disparaging remarks about the administration.”

“These actions have negatively impacted the school community and go against the principles we strive to uphold,” reads the letter. “Please understand that this decision is made in the best interest of maintaining the standards and values that are central to our school’s mission.”

Principles like demanding little children running for “Commissioner of School Spirit and Patriotism” not ever mention “patriotism” in their speeches, you know, things that truly make the world a better place.

It would also seem that Jimmy and his sisters are not the only ones who won’t be going back to the school. Following a petition for her removal that garnered a massive 6,700 signatures, Flock is also not going to be seeing a return to St. Bonaventure.

“It is with sadness that I inform you that Principal Mary Flock will not be returning to St. Bonaventure next school year,” read a school email, dated May 23, that was attached to the Change.org petition.

Sierra Marlee


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