Entitled New York DA refuses to stop for ‘*sshole’ cop, calls police chief over speeding beef

An entitled New York district attorney has a lot of explaining to do after she fled from the police after being caught speeding.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley was driving 55 mph in a 35 mph zone last Monday when a local officer tried to pull her over. But instead of stopping, she kept driving until she reached home, only getting out of her car once it was in her garage.

What followed was a stunning confrontation during which Doorley claimed she “didn’t feel like stopping” because she was “stressed” with murder cases.

“You know what I’ve been dealing with all day — three murders in the city?” she said. “And do you think I really care if I was going 20 miles over the speed limit?”

But it gets worse. She also called local chief of police Dennis Kohlmeier and asked him to have the officer “leave me alone.” And she referred to the arresting officer as an “asshole.”

Watch all this below:

To Doorley’s slight credit, she eventually kind of accepted responsibility when she pleaded guilty in municipal court last Tuesday. She also released a statement explaining her side of the story.

“On Monday, April 22, 2024, I was driving home following a busy day at work,” the statement reads. “I admit that I was not paying attention to my speed on Phillips Road in the Town of Webster. Less than half a mile from my neighborhood, I noticed a Webster Police car behind me. Once I realized that the intention of the car was to pull me over, I called the Webster Police Chief to inform him that I was not a threat and that I would speak to the Officer at my house down the street.”

“The Webster Police Officer followed me to my house and issued me a speeding ticket for my speed of 55mph in a 35mph zone. I acknowledged that I was speeding and I accepted the ticket. By 1:00PM the following day, I pled guilty and sent the ticket to the Webster Town Court because I believe in accepting responsibility for my actions and had no intention of using my position to receive a benefit,” it continues.

“Nobody, including your District Attorney, is above the rule of law, even traffic laws. Anybody who knows me understands without a doubt that I have dedicated my entire 33 year career to the safety of this community. My work to ensure the safety and respect of law enforcement is well proven time and time again. I stand by my work and stand by my commitment to the public safety of Monroe County,” it concludes.

But she’s not out of the doghouse yet. In the wake of her being pulled over, all nine members of the Rochester City Council wrote a letter to New York State Attorney General Letitia James requesting an inquiry into what happened.

“Recent body camera footage, shared by the Webster Police Department, has raised significant concerns regarding Ms. Doorley’s behavior during a traffic stop in Webster, New York,” the letter reads, according to the Democrat and Chronicle.

“This incident has led us to question her fitness to serve as District Attorney, and we believe an investigation by your office is warranted. The behavior exhibited by Ms. Doorley during the traffic stop, as captured in the body camera footage, appears to violate these standards. Such behavior undermines the credibility and integrity of our justice system and erodes public trust,” the letter continues.

Later speaking with the New York Post, New York State Bar Association president Richard C. Lewis said that James is indeed the right person to reach out to if the city council is seeking an investigation.

“It’s improper for any public official in any way to assume any entitlement and to use their position to get some favorable treatment,” he said.

Vivek Saxena


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