‘You f*cking fascist!’: Denver mayor attempts to reason with pro-Palestine protesters doesn’t end well

Denver’s Democrat Mayor Mike Johnston has bent over backward to cater to leftists but found out that he’s just another “f**king fascist” to them.

The ugly anti-Semitic protests that are ongoing at New York City’s Columbia University have metastasized, spreading to other college campuses like cancer and the Mile High City now has its very own militant encampment as if Denver doesn’t already have enough problems.

On Friday, Mayor Johnston visited the Hamas tent city that popped up on the Auraria Campus in what was a futile attempt to reason with the unreasonable that resulted in him being cussed out with the disrespectful treatment of the leftist leader being posted to social media.

Police arrested over two dozen people in the protest on the school’s campus near downtown Denver where they are demanding that the University of Colorado divest from Israeli companies.

The mayor tried to calmly explain that their presence was disrupting normal college operations for other students who are there to learn and not protest, but the occupiers were rude and dismissive, with Johnston being asked if he supports genocide – the overused term for Israel’s military campaign against Hamas terrorists – and having f-bombs dropped on him.

“Do you support genocide?” protesters demanded of Johnston.

“I’m going to talk for 60 seconds and I’ll walk. If you want to listen, you can. If not, that’s your choice,” the mayor replied.

“We have no desire to make arrests,” he said, explaining that the tents were a violation of campus policy and that they could stay if they dismantled them in 30 minutes.

Johnston told the protesters that erecting the tents violates campus policy, and that if they took them down within the next 30 minutes, they could continue to protest, adding,

“It’s more of the same. Our demands are not being met,” one miscreant told the mayor, who responded, “I have no capacity to meet any of your demands.”

“You f**king fascist,” a protester shouted as he walked away.

X users reacted to the footage with some seeming to believe that the mayor and other Democrat leaders brought it on themselves for enabling the constant complaining by social misfits by treating them as if they are legitimate.

Mayor Johnston is already dealing with a raging illegal alien crisis which has led to his cutting back on essential services like police and the fire department to accommodate the “newcomers” and the last thing he needs is unrest from the pro-Gaza mobs who are itching for another “summer of love” unless their demands are met.

Chris Donaldson


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