ESPN hates America on July 4th: Disgusting feature article written by woke columnist with ugly past

On a day when Americans of every background used to join together to celebrate the nation’s birthday, ESPN decided it was a perfect opportunity to drag America through the mud.

The sports outlet declared how “awful” the country is in a blaring “woke albatross of a column” on its site, as Outkick’s Clay Travis highlighted in a piece published on Independence Day.

Travis noted that “today’s ESPN July 4th column was such a perfect distillation of everything wrong with sports in America,” going on to point out that the final product – after it had likely gone through edits and review – was nothing short of being a “polished turd.”

Titled “Baseball, barbecue and losing freedom this Fourth of July,” the feature post was written by Howard Bryant, “a man currently being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to opine on sports for ESPN, despite having no discernible talent whatsoever,” Travis wrote before noting that Bryant has “been previously arrested for assaulting his wife in public, in front of his six year old son no less, and also charged with assaulting a police officer who arrived to protect his wife, after he was observed choking her in public.”

“Bryant, a black man married to a white woman he was accused of choking in public, initially offered as his defense that racism was to blame for his arrest before pleading the charges down to six months of probation,” Travis explained, suggesting that the author should probably have a better view of the U.S. after he was essentially forgiven for much of his transgressions.

“But, alas, despite the forgiving nature of a country that has made a woke imbecile like Bryant fairly wealthy compared to the average American, Bryant flails away impotently for thousands and thousands of words without ever managing to strike any target, before collapsing in a final spasm of incompetence,” Travis noted.

He went on to question how Bryant’s piece could “serve sports fans in any way?”

In the ESPN feature, Bryant admits how much he enjoyed the 4th of July as a child growing up in America presumably in the 1970s and the 1980s. But “out of nowhere, he suddenly pivots” from waxing nostalgic to condemning what he saw as the political shift in sports, focusing on a particular baseball game on July 4, 1983.

“This pivot is fascinating because Bryant is directly arguing that the 1970’s and 1980’s July 4th celebrations weren’t about patriotism, that it was only after 9/11 that the 4th of July became draped in American symbolism and patriotism. This is, quite clearly, 100% wrong,” Travis wrote.

“Bryant is upset that American teams are celebrating America in red, white and blue uniforms and that Americans responded to a 9/11 attack on our nation by embracing patriotism more fervently than before,” the radio host and Outkick founder continued. “This is the beginning of the column becoming unhinged.”

Travis went on to highlight another “awkward transition” in Bryant’s column and his attention to current complaints about the nation based on untruths, including one portion referring to the Supreme Court overturning an abortion ruling.

“Tens of millions of women today do not feel freedom and certainly are not celebrating independence. The people who can become pregnant who feel celebratory toward the Court may do so from the victory of their position…” Bryant wrote, prompting incredulous reaction from Travis.

“The people who can become pregnant?! You mean women? Is ESPN’s official position now that men can become pregnant? Do you think that anti-science belief is embraced by your average sports fan? Of course not. But it’s indicative of the degree to which woke politics has infested sports,” Travis noted as he continued to unpack how the author delivered a “long list of political grievances, with no rhyme or reason, centered on, what else, January 6th.”

Bryant also delivered his, often perhaps intentionally incorrect, version of events and opined about everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to alleged white privilege to support for Palestine.

“From this point forward, the article is all left wing political grievance and victim culture. That’s fine, his self-defeating woke arguments are his own, but what’s important here is they are also ESPN’s own opinions. Even if you feel Bryant’s rambling screed serves ESPN’s stated goal of ‘Serving sports fans. Any time. Anywhere,’ what’s important to recognize is an opinion arguing the exact opposite of this column would never be permitted or published anywhere at ESPN,” Travis pointed out.

“ESPN wouldn’t allow any columnist to publish a piece saying this is the greatest July 4th in American history because the Supreme Court has protected unborn children and gun rights. If any editor even pitched this idea, he or she would be fired,” he added.

He also slammed ESPN for being “so monolithic in thought that it not only publishes and features far left wing opinions on its platform,” it does so “while policing what talent with conservative or mainstream beliefs say off air. ”

“Bryant is a black guy who was arrested for assaulting a police officer and currently works for Disney owned ESPN, where he makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to tell us how awful America is. On Independence Day, no less,” Travis wrote, calling out the sports network for its woke, anti-American views.

“May god continue to bless the greatest county in world history, a country so amazing that even an untalented hack like Howard Bryant, a black man arrested for assaulting his white wife and a police officer, can make a living writing about how awful and racist America is,” Travis concluded.


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