Estimated cost of ‘peaceful protests’ at Portland State library approaches 7-figure sum

The estimated costs for “peaceful protests” came in after Hamas sympathizers violated a university library and students were blown away by the near seven-figure sum.

(Video: KPTV)

Even after arrest reports from Portland State University found that only six of 30 hauled into custody over the destructive occupation of the Millar Library had been students, propaganda’s persuasive power continued to permeate the campus. Expecting months of effort to repair an estimated $750,000 worth of damages, students speaking with KPTV were surprised to find the facility sealed off from use.

“I was surprised to see it closed, too. I thought that it was going to be once the protests is over, it would just open back up,” a student named Amrit told the outlet.

Another named Faye reacted, “I think there could have been a better way to go about closing the library. And I think it really is a way to, like, punish students because of, you know, what has been happening on campus.”

Of course, PSU’s estimate of roughly three-quarters of a million dollars to restore the library hardly told the entire story of the intersectional Marxist destruction that, along with anti-Israel sentiments, included favor for Black Lives Matter and use of the anti-police acronym “ACAB” meaning “All Cops Are B*stards.”

The early projection from the school made note that estimates could “increase or decrease by about $125,000,” and that even those figures did not include the costs for replacing or repairing things within the library like furniture and technology.

As had been reported, after police had breached the barricaded building at the beginning of the month, they found caches of improvised weapons and armor, broken glass, graffiti-covered walls and even the fire system had been damaged.

Though still surprised at the extent of the damages, some students were not so oblivious as their peers to the devastation wrought by the terrorist-sympathizing wannabe revolutionaries. “I saw videos and I was always wondering how much it would be, but like, a million is crazy,” said a student named Morgan.

“It’s pretty high, but it’s to be expected considering what they did,” another student named Giancarlo told KPTV. “I guess it has to be done because now it’s all just been trashed.”

In hopes of staving off some of the costs that had the potential of surpassing $1 million when all expenses were tallied, PSU announced that it would be filing an insurance claim. Even though it reported that rare materials like a Dark Horse comic collection and original works of Frederick Douglass had been within the collection, a library staff member argued that the protesters’ message was justified, “The library is replaceable, but the lives that are killed you know in this war are irreplaceable.”

The extent of the propaganda was made clear when, despite the armaments and devastation, Amrit suggested to KPTV, “Considering, like, they said it was a peaceful protest — so, I was surprised to see all the damages that was done.”

As Professor of Judaic Studies Natan Meir told OPB, “Part of the problem that we’re facing at PSU is that there has been very, very little nuanced discussion of the war. The campus discussion has almost entirely been guided or led by the student protest movement, which is entirely black and white…”

Kevin Haggerty


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