Parents in Calif. outraged after fifth-graders assigned transgender book, told to explain it to kindergartners

California parents hammered their 11-year-old son’s school for assigning him a book about a transgender boy and then forcing the child to explain it to kindergarten students.

Carlos Encinas’ fifth-grade son was given “My Shadow is Pink” on May 1 at La Costa Heights Elementary School in Carlsbad north of San Diego. The book focuses on a boy who claims his father’s shadow is “big” and “blue.” The father evidently disapproves of his son’s shadow which he calls “pink.”

“My shadow loves ponies and books and pink toys. Princesses and fairies and things not for boys,” the book written by author Scott Stuart claims.

The book goes on to discuss other people’s shadows while touching upon transgender and LGBTQ subjects with statements such as, “Her shadow, she hides it. Her shadow likes girls.”

(Video Credit: Scott Stuart)

“After Encina’s 11-year-old read the book in his own class, the fifth graders were told they would be sharing the story with their buddy class, a class of kindergartners the fifth graders read to and mentor,” the Daily Mail reported.

The father told the media outlet, “That’s actually where he felt the most uncomfortable. These little kids look up to them. They are with them twice a month.”

Encinas and his wife contacted the school about the matter. They demanded to know why parents weren’t notified of the book and that students were required to read it to impressionable Kindergarteners.

The parents took to social media to share their son’s experience and let other parents know what was going on at the school. Both conservatives and liberals have made the video go viral.

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Then Encinas want to be notified in the future on the subject matter and have the choice to opt out their child when it comes to sexualized topics.

After the video started spreading like wildfire, the principal called the parents but it didn’t go the way they had hoped.

“I was hoping that the call would be conciliatory or have some sort of a, ‘Maybe we could do better, you should have been notified.’ Zero. It was more about her trying to understand how my video was making their teachers feel unsafe,” the father told the Daily Mail.

The principal flatly denied the book was about being transgender. Instead, she claimed it was about “identity” and being inclusive.

Then the principal doubled down and informed the parents that they would not receive future notifications on books concerning the same topics and that their son could not opt out.

Parents are furious over the arrogance of the school and the principal. Although the Encinas have received support for their stance, they feel that the school is retaliating against them for speaking out.

“Jenny, Carlos’ wife, says she’s being attacked by other moms at the school,” the Daily Mail wrote.

“The PTA president organized a ‘Pink out the Hate,’ as in ‘We are hateful’ and in the support of the book,” the mother contended. “It has made me physically sick. My younger son wouldn’t go to school. My older son was brave enough to go but he came home feeling like, ‘Everyone wearing pink is against me.'”

“We’ve been called racists. I’m Hispanic,” the father stated. “We’ve been told we’re anti-LGBT. We don’t hate anyone, we don’t want them to feel excluded. We just want parents to know what their child is reading in school.”

The Encinas are now considering a private school for their sons.

Libs of TikTok commented on the matter on X, “5th graders in @eusdtweets were tasked with reading ‘My Shadow is Pink’ to kindergartners as part of an exercise. The book is about a toddler who crossdresses and explores his gender identity. Parents were reportedly not notified. Homeschool your kids.”

Many others on X sympathized with the parents as well and blasted the school:


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