Even Don Lemon thinks DEI has gone too far: ‘It’s become a religion’

You know that the “woke” cultural revolution has gone way too far when even Don Lemon feels compelled to speak out against it.

The mercurial former CNN host appeared on the latest edition of HBO’s “Real Time With Bill Maher” where one of the topics was the left-wing bias at National Public Radio (NPR) which recently suspended a longtime editor who blew the whistle on the toxic culture at the government-funded media outlet.

During a segment with Lemon and the show’s other guest, New York University professor Scott Galloway, the host – who is an outspoken critic of the “woke” left – posed a viewer question to the ex-CNN personality about NPR.

“What do you think of the hubbub Don, over NPR’s alleged – alleged, ok – liberal bias?” Maher asked. “The NPR flap, that was the big story last week. What do you think about that…as someone who’s had his tussles with media?”

“I think there’s always room for improvement and it’s unfortunate, I don’t listen to NPR I’m sure as much as many people do, I don’t get to listen to it, but yes, it does have a liberal bent,” Lemon responded.

“But I think a lot of media companies need to do some self-examination about what’s happening inside the company,” he said. “DEI is – look, there’s some great things about DEI, but it’s not all you know, roses and I think we need to take a look at it and do some rejiggering.”

“Because it’s gone too far. It’s become a religion,” he continued to applause from the live audience. “And if you don’t abide by the religion you get kicked out of the church.”

Galloway jumped in, “NPR should return the 1 percent of funding they get from the government so they can just be naked and unafraid about their bias, like the rest of media,” adding that an entity that takes public money has a responsibility.

“What you just said which I think is absolutely true and completely reasonable…,” Maher said. “That is the exact kind of thing if you said that on NPR, they’d fire you,” jokingly pointing to Lemon, “You’ve been fired enough lately.”

Lemon then plugged his new book, adding, “I’m going to get a lot of sh*t from liberals for saying what I said but I do have a book coming out and I write about that,” he said. “I write about that I like DEI but when it becomes a religion, it can be used as a cudgel.”

A longtime fixture at CNN, Lemon was fired last year after one on-air controversy too many brought the ax down from CEO Chris Light, who was soon ousted himself amid an internal mutiny over the network’s decision to showcase former President Donald J. Trump in a town hall setting that was a disaster for the CNN brand.

Lemon later landed on X but his on the platform imploded before getting off of the launchpad following a contentious interview with X owner Elon Musk last month.

Chris Donaldson


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