Ex-stripper dishes on Hunter: ‘He was like a dog that I dragged and led on… a walking ATM

An ex-stripper dished more details on the sordid saga of Hunter Biden, saying that despite the image that the presidential son presented of himself as an international power player, that he was just a “piece of s—t” who was easily manipulated and ripe for the fleecing.

“He was like a dog that I dragged and led on,” the unnamed 35-year-old told nonprofit anti-corruption group Marco Polo in a text message that was obtained by the New York Post. “I just led him on and played with him like a walking ATM.”

The former exotic dancer said that she had fleeced President Joe Biden’s son of around $20,000 during her relationship with him from 2018 – 2019, one of the many shady ladies who the scandal-soaked sexual degenerate hooked up with during his drug-fueled exploits, many of which were chronicled on the laptop that he abandoned at a Delaware computer repair shop that contained a treasure trove of corruption and raw debauchery.

“I had a few guys like Hunter who I would lead on and take tips and shopping from and leave them ‘hanging.’ It’s part of the stripper gig. Get all you can out of these idiots and move on,” said the woman who the outlet quoted by her stage name of Kennedy.

Her remarks echo those of Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings execs who disparaged the younger Biden, with one saying that he was “dumber” than a dog and easily manipulated.

“I was able to finesse Hunter without sex because I’m beautiful and smart,” Kennedy wrote in the text messages. “I saw a whale and took advantage, It was that easy.”

The ex-stripper told Marco Polo that she became acquainted with the president’s son  “through the strip club” and said they “had sex once with protection.”

“He’s a piece of s—t but most addicts are,” she said. “He was a f—king crackhead.

“Hunter became useless when I couldn’t extort him any longer,” Kennedy said.

“But Kennedy changed her tune in an exclusive interview with The Post this week at her Queens home. She insisted she had been ‘trolling’ Marco Polo and didn’t really mean what she said about Hunter. She also accused Marco Polo of acting unprofessionally,” the New York Post reported.

“He would say aggressive things to me to make me text back,” she told the outlet of the researcher from Marco Polo who contacted her, claiming without presenting evidence that he was  “sexually harassing me through texts for weeks until I finally responded to him.”

“Marco Polo denied the allegation,” the New York Post reported, adding that “She claimed she met Hunter Biden by happenstance at a tanning salon she owned. She would not give the salon’s name or location,” and that she “maintained her relationship with Biden was genuine, insisting she never slept with him for cash.”

“The girls I knew would meet Hunter when he would frequent the club. He asked one of the girls, ‘Do you know where I could get a good spray tan?’ and they gave him my card,” she said. “He came to my one-room salon that I rented and got a spray tan. He tipped me $500 and I was like ‘WTF? Who is this guy?’ And one of the girls texted me that we gave Joe Biden’s son your card.”

The report comes as Hunter Biden awaits a final decision on the controversial “sweetheart” plea deal that he had struck with his father’s Justice Department which was temporarily nixed by Judge Maryellen Noreika, an appointee of former President Donald J. Trump who balked at aspects of the agreement.

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Chris Donaldson


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