Expect to hear very little about this mass shooting in Kentucky

Soft-on-crime policies were faulted for a convicted felon’s alleged opportunity to fatally shoot four people and the typical leftist response was expected to be hard to find due to his criminal history.

“It gets even worse…”

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Just before 3 a.m. Saturday in Florence, Kentucky, local police were dispatched to a residence where they encountered an active shooter situation. While the suspect, who would later go on to succumb to a self-inflicted gunshot wound, had shot seven people, leaving three critically wounded and four dead, it was his history of child sex abuse and leftist leniency that had seemingly kept the incident under the radar.

Monday, filmmaker and outspoken conservative Robby Starbuck took to X to share details of 21-year-old Chase Garvey’s background that included court documents signing off on probation for the convicted felon.

“Expect to hear very little about the shooting in Kentucky from this week. Here’s why: 7 people were shot and it appears this was only possible because a left wing judge named Kathleen Lape gave a child rapist probation and no jail time,” said Starbuck.

“The shooter is reportedly Chase Garvey. He’s a convicted child rapist who once lured a 13 year old from Snapchat to rape her,” he detailed. “Left wing Judge Kathleen Lape gave him only 5 years of probation. It gets even worse though because she had a second chance to jail him.”

“Chase violated probation and she still only gave him 30 days in county jail when she could have given him a 5 year sentence. He should have been sentenced to much worse than that from the start,” argued the commentator, “but even just enforcing his full 5 year jail sentence for violating probation would’ve saved 7 people from being shot and 4 people wouldn’t be dead right now.”

During a Saturday press conference, Florence Police Chief Jeff Mallery detailed that the suspect had known the family hosting a birthday party for the child of the victim, 44-year-old Melissa Parrett, “When officers arrived, they could still hear gunshots. They approached the residence and saw multiple victims. Partygoers told the police that the suspect had fled.”

Along with Parrett, 19-year-old Delaney Eary, 20-year-old Shane Miller, and 20-year-old Hayden Rybicki were pronounced dead at the scene as law enforcement officials pursued the fleeing suspect. Garvey reportedly shot himself while being followed by the Florence Police Department and Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the report from WLWT, after his conviction of raping a 13-year-old girl in 2021, he was then convicted of an unlawful transaction with a minor in the second degree in 2023 and was said to have had a 13-year-old passenger in his vehicle when he was stopped for doing donuts in a parking lot.

Police had also been called to the residence the night prior to the incident when Garvey had allegedly shown up, but no action had been taken against him, WLWT reported.

Starbuck went on to assert, “Soft on crime judges get people killed. I doubt the media will tell the truth about this. Oh and by the way, he’s a felon so he shouldn’t have had a gun either but like most criminals, he didn’t comply with gun laws.”

Additionally, as outrage included a reaction from Elon Musk, the filmmaker directed social media users to crowdfunding pages set up for the families of the victims.

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