Fauci critic warns retirement won’t be the end: ‘He is going to continue to play the media game’

One of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s longtime critics is speaking out about his bad traits and habits, including his “symbiotic” relationship with the establishment press.

As previously reported, the establishment press loves Fauci and treats him as an all-knowing, all-seeing oracle whose declarations can never be questioned.

During the pandemic, he was constantly “featured in various news segments across mainstream outlets like CNN and MSNBC, with anchors and hosts routinely thanking him and gushing over his service,” according to Fox News.

In fact, just two months ago, a Washington Post columnist published a piece proclaiming Fauci to be the “greatest public servant I have known.”

“Fauci’s forthcoming retirement as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases will cost Americans, and people around the world, far more than they realize. But he will ever remain the greatest public servant I have known,” the piece reads.

To hear critic Dr. Phil Magness tell it, all this fawning attention is what Fauci lives for, which is why he expects that even once the doctor retires, he’ll still continue to make frequent appearances on national TV.

I imagine he is going to continue to play the media game… That seems what he likes to do is to get in front of the camera,” Magness told Fox News this week.

Magness is the director of the American Institute for Economic Research.

Fox News notes that in 2020, Magness’ organization “coordinated with the Great Barrington Declaration, an assembling of doctors, scientists and infectious disease epidemiologists that criticized Fauci’s lockdown approach to the coronavirus pandemic while promoting herd immunity and what they referred to as ‘focused protection.'”

In response, Fauci cried foul, falsely describing the declaration as “nonsense and very dangerous.”

This, according to Magness, is a clear-cut sign of Fauci’s “great contempt for democratic governance.”

“There is a deep authoritarian extreme from what he has approached with the pandemic,” he said to Fox News.

Dovetailing back to Fauci’s relationship with the media, Magness believes it’s “symbiotic.”

“It’s clear that he gathers what he thinks the media wants to hear and then he goes on TV and repeats it back to them. And they’re like ‘oh, Fauci has spoken. This is a matter of fact now.’ But he’s only repeating their own talking points,” he said.

“I think it’s symbiotic with them. Here’s a guy who’s been in office for 40+ years. He’s cultivated very strong relationships by playing the media game all the way back to the AIDS epidemic in the 80s. So, he’s a known entity in that respect,” he added.

It is true that the media’s talking points always appear to perfectly match Fauci’s own talking points. But whether or not that’s because he’s purposefully trying to suck up for praise or because he’s just a liberal Democrat is unclear.

Keep in mind that, as previously reported, he’s a huge fan of Democrat politician Hillary Clinton:

Continuing his remarks to Fox News, Magness then slammed both Fauci and his media allies for politicizing the coronavirus.

“The other part of the media is they were trying to make a very clear political line. The media does tend to lean toward the left for various reasons, [and] [d]uring the pandemic, Fauci became a hero of the political left by the pandemic narrative and therefore sort of rallied around the guy as sort of a foil to Trump, even though Trump himself was originally pro-lockdown and involved in appointing Fauci,” he said.

“And next thing you know, you wonder why trust in public health authorities has been undermined because they aren’t actually doing their job. They’re playing the politics route,” he added.

The relationship between Fauci and the media reportedly began during the AIDs pandemic in the 1980s.

“During that time, Fauci warned Americans that AIDS would ‘devastate’ the population and could even spread to small children through ‘close contact,’ creating what some advocates described as [stigmatization] of the homosexual community,” Fox News notes.

Horrific, yes? Yet it’s all been buried.

“Anthony Fauci spread fear and just basically fed off this panic… and that’s just all been kind of swept under the rug the last couple of years during Covid. Unfortunately, some of the people who were the loudest voices against him, the Larry Kramer types, have passed away, so they’re no longer here to remind anyone that this guy botched a previous epidemic,” Magness said of Fauci’s past.

“A” pandemic? Some would say he botched two …


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