Fauci goes to bat for Biden, cites possible reaction to cold medication for epic debate failure

President Joe Biden’s epic failure in last week’s presidential debate set off a wave of panic among Democrats and supporters but some continued to gaslight Americans about the feeble 81-year-old’s cognitive and physical health.

This included Dr. Anthony Fauci who gave his expert medical opinion on Biden’s mental challenges, halting speech, and scratchy voice.

During an interview on the CBS News podcast, “The Takeout,” the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases claimed Biden had seemed “very probing, analytical” when he had worked in the administration.

He declared it would be “inappropriate” to judge the president’s state of health based on the 90-minute disastrous debate performance, effectively telling Americans not to believe their own eyes.

“Did he have a bad cold? Did he take an antihistamine to make him groggy? We don’t know what went on,” said Fauci who served as Biden’s chief medical adviser until the close of 2022.

“He’s very probing in his questions, very analytical, very calm about things when you go into brief him…you better really know your topic because he’s going to ask you very relevant questions; and he’s very reflective on things and just doesn’t jump out with questions on anything but is very analytical. My interactions with him, I have to say, have been very, very positive in every way,” Fauci said.

He claimed he had “no doubt” about Biden’s mental faculties, continuing the spin that has surrounded the president until he took the debate stage.

Amid the ongoing chorus of voices clamoring for the Democrat to remove himself from the running, Biden has indicated he will stay in the race, with his immediate family urging him to stand his ground. Among the excuses launched to explain his dumpster fire performance were that he had a cold and that he was “overprepared.”

The president gave reporters another interesting take on the issue, blaming recent travels.

“I decided to travel around the world a couple of times … shortly before the debate … I didn’t listen to my staff … and then I almost fell asleep on stage,” Biden was quoted as saying. “It’s not an excuse but an explanation.”

Needless to say, Fauci joining the list of obedient mouthpieces defending Biden was met with expected scorn on social media.

“There’s nothing this demonic little elf won’t lie about. What a psychopath,” the Federalist’s Sean Davis wrote on X.

“If this psycho is saying Biden is probing & analytical then you can BET the exact opposite is true,” former U.S. Army Ranger Sean Parnell wrote.  “What a raging propagandist this guy is.”

Frieda Powers


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