‘Must-read’: Megyn Kelly raves about bestselling biography on sordid Kennedy family secrets

Podcaster Megyn Kelly is raving about a new instant bestseller exposing some of the skeletons in the Kennedy family closet.

The book “Ask Not: The Kennedys and the Women They Destroyed” by DailyMail columnist Maureen Callahan shot up to the top of the bestseller lists shortly after launch on July 2. It also didn’t escape the notice of Kelly, who had good things to say.

“There’s so many interesting new nuggets on this bizarre family. Trust me, you’re going to want to read it and buy it for everyone you know,” she said, calling it “the must-read book of the summer.”

Kelly also had Callahan on her eponymous podcast, ‘The Megyn Kelly Show’ to discuss the book and some of the things readers can expect.

The conversation starts with the Kennedy still making headlines today, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and his relationship with his ex-wife who tragically passed away from suicide. Kelly makes it clear that she extended RFK Jr. an opportunity to respond to Callahan’s claims, though he did not respond.

“This is new stuff where you are painting him as a very unsympathetic partner to a woman who was clearly struggling with some mental health issues,” Kelly said.

“I do and, this to me is something that I so strongly feel should be central to his candidacy and that he should really be questioned about,” Callahan responded. “I spoke to several people who were very close to Mary [Kennedy], one of whom was her therapist who not only spoke on the record, allowed herself to be named in the book, talked to me about counseling Mary alone and together with Bobby, and how she refused, at Bobby’s request, to label Mary as mentally ill.”

“She said to him ‘Your wife is angry and she is depressed, but she is not crazy.’ And this is one of the sort of pages that just comes right out of the Kennedy playbook when it come to inconvenient women: Call her crazy,” the writer continued. “He tried to forcibly hospitalize her, that didn’t work. While she was falling apart over this marriage declining after she found Bobby’s sex diaries, which I had access to. And in those diaries, he lists the women, and Megyn, there are so many women. Sometimes two or three in a single day. Some of whom were friends of Mary and Bobby’s. Women who he then ranked on a scale of one to ten, and that wasn’t about sexual performance, that was, in very sort of juvenile way how far he went with them sexually.”

Callahan also talked about “serial philanderer” JFK and his multiple affairs including with a 19-year-old girl who worked at the White House.

“Next thing you know, she finds herself on Jackie’s bed, Jackie’s away, he’s on top of her, she says ‘short of screaming there was nothing I could do to get him off of me,'” Callahan says.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg with him and with so many Kennedy men but that really breaks my heart,” she added.

“He’s taking these young women, who are probably so excited to be working in the White House – I mean it’s very familiar with the Monica Lewinski thing – and turning them into whores,” Kelly said. “He was turning them into his whores, his harem, to service other men, other family members. It’s absolutely disgusting the way that we lionize this family, and you put the lie to that too, to ‘Camelot’ and Jackie and how that was a Jackie Kennedy-created myth, that she insisted on fabricating with Life Magazine.”

The stories continued in a riveting, must-see interview that takes turn after turn into the land of debauchery, depravity, and death.

Hear the entire hour-long interview below:

(Video Credit: The Megyn Kelly Show)

Sierra Marlee


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