FBI director: China is ‘greatest long-term threat to our nation’s ideas, innovation, and economic security’

FBI Director Christopher Wray has finally admitted that the greatest threat to the United States comes not from domestic white supremacists or election deniers, but from the Chinese Communist Party, which has been setting up illegal “police stations” in American cities, including New York.

Testifying before the Senate Homeland Security Committee on Thursday, Wray said the “greatest long-term threat to our nation’s ideas, innovation, and economic security — our national security — is that from China.”

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“The Chinese government aspires to equal or surpass the U.S. as a global superpower and influence the world with a value system shaped by undemocratic, authoritarian ideals,” Wray stated.

According to the director, the FBI, which has busied itself in recent times with political attacks on pro-life activists and burying all-things Hunter Biden, is “confronting that threat head-on.”

“Just three weeks ago, for example, we unsealed charges against 13 individuals, 10 of them, Chinese Intelligence Officers and government officials, for a variety of criminal efforts to exert influence right here in the U.S. to benefit Beijing,” Wray said, adding that the “FBI has scores of investigations open into the China threat in all 56 of our field offices.”

During his testimony, Wray went on to say that the bureau has “seen a clear pattern of the Chinese government, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), exporting their repression right here into the U.S.”

The CCP agents, he said, are engaged in “uncoordinated quote-unquote ‘law enforcement’ action right here in the United States, harassing, stalking, surveilling, blackmailing people who they just don’t like or who disagree with the Xi regime.”

As BizPac Review reported last month, the CCP reportedly set up an outpost above a noodle shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.


At the time, Rep. Michael Waltz (R-Fla.) warned Fox News Digital that the “service station” was a danger to national security.

“The Chinese Communist Party uses these stations to go after political dissidents abroad, while also endangering the national security of the United States,” he said in a statement. “We must protect the American people and Chinese freedom activists from the CCP’s gross abuse of the American justice system.”

“While these police stations were purportedly created to combat fraud, they are really a means to extend the genocidal, communist regime’s influence and powers of ‘transnational repression,'” The Blaze reported.

Responding to Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) about the scope of the stations, Wray replied, “I’ve [been] very concerned about this.”

“We are aware of the existence of these stations. I have to be careful about discussing our specific investigative work, but to me, it is outrageous to think that the Chinese police would attempt to set up shop, you know, in New York, let’s say, without proper coordination. It violates sovereignty and circumvents standard judicial law enforcement cooperation processes,” Wray said, according to Reuters.

Asked if the stations violated U.S. law, Wray said the FBI is “looking into the legal parameters.”

Melissa Fine


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