FBI’s social media pictures of organized retail theft draws criticism

Not only is today’s FBI little more than an extension of the Democratic Party campaign operation, but the bureau appears to be a proponent of the left’s woke policies allowing for the open discrimination of white people under the banner of equity.

The FBI posted online how it’s combatting on the federal level organized retail theft “to protect shoppers across the country.”

The accompanying photo distracted from the bureau’s message because it featured two affluent white females seemingly in the act of shoplifting — there are countless videos circulating on social media of groups targeting retail outlets, but rich white females are few and far between.

“Organized Retail Theft (ORT), also known as Organized Retail Crime (ORC), is the large-scale theft of retail merchandise with the intent to resell the stolen items for financial gain,” the FBI’s website states. “ORT may involve a criminal enterprise that employs a group of individuals to steal large quantities of merchandise from multiple stores. These ORT groups maintain or utilize fencing operations to convert the stolen goods into cash.”

The message continues, “Comparatively, Smash and Grab is a form of retail theft that involves smashing a barrier, usually a display in a store, to grab valuables. Key elements include the use of speed and surprise. Flash Mob or Flash Rob is a form of shoplifting that occurs when an organized group, usually teenagers wearing similar articles of clothing to conceal their identities, select a specific retail store to rob at the same time. Flash robs usually target high-end stores.”

See how many white females are spotted in the video below:

Sadly, it’s clear that we are not any closer to reaching a point in America where we can have an honest talk about the demographics behind crime.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story, as seen on X:

Tom Tillison


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