Survivor of Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution tells Tucker she sees the same signs in the U.S.

Recounting her experience living through Mao’s cultural revolution, a survivor warned Tucker Carlson about what she’s seen to recognize some Americans are “only a short step away from committing violence.”

Having grown up during Chairman Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution, it wasn’t until 10 years after the brutal Chinese Communist Party leader’s death in 1976 that Xi Van Fleet was able to start a new life in the United States. Now, the outspoken “American by choice” has been using her experience to warn fellow citizens about the threat that Marxist ideology has brought to her new homeland as she lives through yet another cultural revolution.

Joining Carlson on the latest edition of “The Tucker Carlson Encounter,” Van Fleet discussed the content of her book “Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning” and the parallels between what she experienced as a seven-year-old girl and today.

“To me, my memory is it happened overnight,” she recalled.

The author and activist made particular note of Mao’s use of schools and universities to mold the minds of supporters. “He had tens of millions of young people that he had indoctrinated in the government school for the past 17 years.”

As to why, Van Fleet explained “It is a revolution that Mao launched against CCP — against his own party, against his own government. Why? Because he thought he was losing influence.”

“So it’s really a power struggle,” she remarked.

Turning specifically to the conditions in the U.S., Carlson said, “People who grew up in this country, most I know, assume that it can never get too out of control here. Yes, there’s a revolution going on, we’re living through it right now, but because it’s America that revolution will never entail the killing of a lot of people.”

“All revolutions end up killing a lot of people, but ours won’t somehow — what do you think?” he asked incredulously to the notion.

Van Fleet replied, “Just looking out on the streets and the campus today, look at those people who have no empathy because their empathy is guided by their ideology. That ideology is Marxist ideology about oppressors and oppressed.”

“That is absolutely the communist worldview and for the oppressed, anything they do to the oppressor is justified,” she continued and added, “That’s what’s happening in today’s America. Those are the absolute result of decades of indoctrination.”

Witnessing zealots justifying and celebrating violence, she warned those with the Marxist mindset are “only a short step away from committing violence.”

“Absolutely this can happen here, and it will if we don’t stop it,” she said before paraphrasing John Adams who’d said in a letter to the Massachusetts militia while president, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

“People in power, they want to control history and they want to erase inconvenient history,” the author stated.

Meanwhile, National Review national security correspondent Jimmy Quinn shared footage of Senate Leader Chuck Schumer with fellow Democrats New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and New York City Mayor Eric Adams as the politician adorned with a Grand Marshall sash waved the American flag in one hand and the Chinese flag in the other at a Lunar New Year event.

“He and other top New York politicians appeared onstage at a rally, preceding an annual parade in Manhattan’s Chinatown, alongside Huang Ping, a hard-line Chinese ambassador who publicly denies Beijing’s human-rights abuses, and Wu Xiaoming, a senior consular official linked to China’s secret police station in New York,” detailed Quinn.

Kevin Haggerty


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