‘Ultra Right!’ Fed-up dad sounds off with launch of ‘100% woke-free’ beer in response to Bud Light

Seth Weathers, a dad who is fed up with woke Bud Light and its spokes-transgender person Dylan Mulvaney, has launched his own beer brand, Conservative Dad’s “Ultra Right Beer” which has reportedly already received thousands of orders.

(Video Credit: Freedom Speaks Up/YouTube)

Weathers, 38, is the founder of the conservative lifestyle brand “Freedom Speaks Up.” He made millions off his “Let’s Go Brandon!” wrapping paper in a slap at leftist President Joe Biden. Now, he’s making a statement that aims to take a bite out of Anheuser-Busch’s market share by marketing to American conservatives who have no tolerance for promoted perversion.

The conservative dad has partnered with an Illinois brewery to market the light beer to those looking for one free of woke progressive messaging. It’s being marketed as “100% woke-free American beer.”

“America’s been drinking beer from a company that doesn’t even know which restroom to use,” the all-American dad declares in the ad as he walks away from a public restroom.

“If you know which bathroom to use, you know what beer you should be drinking,” Weathers says, sporting a baseball bat that he then uses to knock a Bud Light can into the bleachers.

“If you love America, our traditional values, and you know which restroom to use, Conservative Dad’s Ultra Right Beer is for you,” Weathers proclaimed in the new ad for the brew. One which is certain to hit home with conservative Americans.

He wrapped up the ad with a warning, “The rest of you woke corporations, stay the f**k away from our kids.”

Weathers charges in his ad that Bud Light is an “iconic American brand” that has alienated half the country.

“I have kids and I don’t care what their response is, Bud Light has hired a mentally deranged freak to market perversion to little children. I have a problem with that. Corporations that do that should be put out of business by conservatives. They are spitting on us. We are half of America — they’re spitting on us. There has to be an alternative,” Weathers told Fox News.

“I would love for them to stick to it,” Weathers said, referring to conservatives boycotting Bud Light. “Their mistake was so big in exposing who they are.”

“We can’t boycott 10 companies, but we can boycott one that sells a sh*t beer,” he asserted. “If we stuck to that, we would send a message that would live forever. … I don’t care if they buy my beer. Either buy my beer, some other brand’s beer, it doesn’t matter. Send a message to Anheuser-Busch. Shut them down.

He told Newsweek that the beer will “give conservatives another alternative, another company to buy from rather than a company that literally opposes everything conservatives stand for.”

Anheuser-Busch has reportedly lost over $5 billion since they hooked up with transgender Dylan Mulvaney in an ad campaign that could possibly go down as one of the biggest marketing blunders of all time.

Weathers’ beer is described as an “airy special gold blend” and comes in a red, white, and blue can. It will begin shipping in mid-May and will be sold in 42 states for $19.99 a six-pack. As sales pick up, he hopes to drop the price. Many will buy it on principle alone even though it currently costs roughly double what Bud Light goes for.

According to Weathers, there have been thousands of pre-orders and he expects the product to “make the wrapping paper look like nothing” over the Mulvaney fiasco.

The conservative leader ran former President Trump’s 2016 campaign in Georgia, where his company is headquartered. So, he’s also received his share of death threats and hatred.

But conservatives overwhelmingly love the guy.

“Conservatives are blowing me away with the positive response. It’s absolutely nuts,” he commented. “I think we’re at 10 million views on Twitter right now for that video.… The response is even wilder than I thought it would be. The left is doing the usual thing such as sending death threats and being nasty, so that’s all I can say for their response.”

“The overwhelming positive response we’re getting, it means a lot to me. I know a lot of people are paying a lot of shipping to get this, they’re paying more than they would to get their Bud Light. They’re doing it because they’re supporting the message we stand for and what we’re doing and that genuinely means a lot to me and everyone involved,” Weathers told Fox News.

Views of the ad are now more than 31 million according to Weathers.

Mulvaney’s Bud Light marketing videos offended a huge swath of the nation and Weathers’ beer endeavor is the latest to clap back at what many see as a perverted travesty. Anheuser-Busch failed to read the room and now it’s costing them big time.

(Video Credit: Daily Mail)

(Video Credit: Daily Mail)

A report claims that the decision to use Mulvaney as a spokesperson was not approved by any senior executive of Bud Light’s parent company, Anheuser-Busch.

“No one at a senior level” was allegedly aware of the partnership and the decision to include Mulvaney in the campaign was reportedly taken by a “low-level marketing staffer,” two sources told The Daily Wire.



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