Fetterman strikes again! Leftists rage over senator’s criticism of anti-Semitic protesters

Leftists are becoming increasingly frustrated with their former hero Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) who condemned a mob of Jew-hating Hamas supporters.

The Pennsylvania Democrat has broken with his party’s rabidly anti-Semitic base by expressing his vocal support for Israel and on Monday, calling out the miscreants who showed up outside of a Jewish-owned falafel restaurant in Philadelphia and chanted “genocide” and other vile pejoratives.

The incident was captured on video and went viral on social media as the mob stood outside of Goldie on Sansom Street, a vile display of left-wing anti-Semitism in the “City of Brotherly Love” that Fetterman blasted on X, previously known as Twitter.

“They could be protesting Hamas. They could be protesting Hamas’ systematic rape of Israeli women and girls or demanding the remaining hostages be immediately released,” the senator wrote. “Instead, they targeted a Jewish restaurant. It’s pathetic and rank antisemitism.”

Another Pennsylvania Democrat, Governor Josh Shapiro also condemned pro-Palestine protesters and their targeting of the establishment that’s co-owned by chef Michael Solomonov.

“We saw a blatant act of antisemitism, not a peaceful protest. A restaurant was targeted and mobbed because its owner is Jewish and Israeli. This hate and bigotry is reminiscent of a dark time in history,” the governor said in a statement.

(Video: YouTube/NBC Philadelphia)

While they have cheered the comedy of errors of this Senate career and made excuses for him showing up to work dressed like he crawled out from behind a dumpster, siding with Israel had left-wingers gnashing their teeth and they rage posted their insults of Fetterman on the X platform.

It’s easy to understand why anti-Israel leftists would develop a serious case of buyer’s remorse over Fetterman who has triggered the haters on multiple occasions since the Jewish democracy retaliated militarily against the primitive Islamist savages who butchered the elderly, women and babies during the October 7 sneak attack on Israeli civilian areas.

The hoodie-wearing senator also raised the hackles of his own base during an appearance on “The View” last week where he spoiled the George Santos expulsion party by saying that his crooked Democrat colleague, Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) should also be kicked out of Congress.

Chris Donaldson


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