Fiancé of Jan 6 defendant levels outrageous human rights violations allegedly occurring in DC jail

Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighted a January 6 defendant on his show Thursday night who was reportedly denied cancer treatment for eight months while in prison on charges related to the protest at the U.S. Capitol.

Christopher Worrell was indicted on six federal charges, including allegedly using pepper spray to assault officers on Jan. 6, 2021, Fox News reported. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.

(Video: Fox News)

As Carlson pointed out, there is no evidence that Worrell, who suffers from a type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, ever entered the Capitol but he was still jailed on the charges above and while incarcerated in the DC jail was reportedly denied access to prescription medications to treat his cancer and was not able to see an oncologist for months while in prison.

“Like many other January 6th defendants, languishing in jail, he was mistreated, dramatically,” Carlson said. “Chris Worrell said he endured inhumane and abusive conditions. For example, guards refused to give him prescription medication he needed to treat his cancer. He was not allowed to see an oncologist for months. At one point he passed out and still did not get medical attention.”

“Finally, last November, a judge ordered Worrell released because he wasn’t getting proper treatment,” he added. “In the time he was not getting treatment for being in Washington on January 6th, his cancer progressed from stage 1 to 3 which is a tragedy.”

Carlson then brought on Worrell’s fiancé, Trish Priller, who gave an update on how he is doing while sharing a horrific tale about how her boyfriend was treated in the DC jail.

“He’s doing okay since he’s been home,” she said. “He’s had some major medical issues. He’s had five rounds of chemotherapy. He’s had major oral surgery, which he’s still recovering from. He’s had two more bouts where he passed out and been unconscious, just like he was in the prison. High blood pressure and unexplained high pulse.”

When asked why Worrell was kept behind bars for months with no treatment for his cancer while Democratic prosecutors are releasing criminals every day who’ve committed more serious crimes, Priller leveled some outrageous accusations.

“Well, the DC gulags made a statement that these guys and women that are in the prison are political prisoners. So they’re all being treated that way,” she said. “Their food is being poisoned. Their recreation time is taken from them. They’re on solitary confinement. They’re just denied all kinds of basic human rights.”

Priller explained that there was one pair of toenail clippers being shared by 44 men and that her fiancé had to use those same clippers to trim his mustache so he could eat his food.

“Well, anyone who lives in Washington knows it’s famously the worst jail in the United States. Lot of abuse in that jail over the decades,” Carlson said, before asking Priller if any politicians had come to their aid.

“They’re ignoring us,” she replied, before adding, “Our First Amendment rights are definitely under attack. We definitely need help. The more people we can get on our side, the better. We need lawyers.”

Carlson allowed Priller to share their crowdfunding page to close out the segment.

Tom Tillison


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