‘Finally!’ Anti-Israel students at Yale hauled out of university encampment in zip ties

After a week of demanding that the university divest from military weapon manufacturers, anti-Israel protestors were hauled out of their activist encampment on Yale’s campus in zip ties.

Police arrested at least 16 protesters, Fox News Digital reports.

“Of the roughly 12 cops inside the Plaza, it seems that two are flipping up the entrances to the tents,” the Yale Daily News reported on X.

“Six officers just told the six students — including two members of the News — who are perched on the Plaza wall that if they did not move immediately, they would also be arrested,” the outlet continued. “An officer issued members of the News three warnings of arrest in less than two minutes.”

Video captured officers telling the crowd, “If you do not leave, you will be arrested.”

“Yale Police Lieutenant Roosevelt Martinez told the News that students were arrested for trespassing,” Yale Daily News reports. “He did not say how many were arrested and refused to say where protesters had been taken in Yale shuttles. Martinez said they were going somewhere for ‘processing.'”

“About 200 protesters are on the side of Schwarzman facing the intersection of College and Grove Streets,” the outlet continues. “They are chanting ‘One, we are the people. Two, we won’t be silenced. Three, stop the violence now, now, now, now’ and ‘resistance is justified, when people are occupied.'”

Again, journalist Steve McGuire provided video updates.

“The student protestors at Yale are being zip-tied and loaded into a university shuttle,” he reported.

On X, users called for the expulsion of involved students.

“Finally!” exclaimed one user. “Expel all students and fire all teachers.”

According to Yale Daily News, Lt. Vacino of the Yale Police Department said the protestors would be “written up and released.”

Melissa Fine


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