Fla. career criminal, 22 felonies, 24 misdemeanors arrested for ‘brutal’ murder of man, 69, while on bond

A Florida man with a long, violent history of crime was arrested for the brutal murder of a 69-year-old Palm Bay man.

At the time of the April 20 murder, Justin Giambanco, 31, was out on bond for just a matter of days after being arrested April 15 on charges of trespassing and battering a police officer, according to the Daily Mail. He was a suspect in several Palm Bay-area burglaries.

Prior to that, Giambanco was serving a four-and-a-half-year sentence for burglary. He was sprung and set loose back on the streets after just 18 months in October 2022.

“In total, he has 22 felony charges along with 24 misdemeanor charges to his name,” the Daily Mail reports.

According to Palm Bay Police Chief Mario Augello, Giambanco is “pure evil.”

“This 31-year-old suspect is pure evil,” he told the press following Giambanco’s latest arrest.

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“He is a violent repeat offender that, while out on bond for previous arrest, preyed on the citizens of Brevard County,” the chief continued. “Since his most recent release, this individual has been a suspect of several burglaries within our county and his most heinous act yet, the brutal murder of a 69-year-old Palm Bay resident just a few short days ago.”

“Six days ago, and less than six months after his last release from incarceration,” he said, “the suspect was again arrested. This time, for battering a police officer and trespassing. He was released the next day on April 16.”

Augello blasted the “failing” criminal justice system.

“We are seeing far too many violent repeat offenders being released way too early for either shortened sentences, or because of minimal bottom outs,” he said. “The suspect in this case is just another example of how our current criminal justice system is failing to keep our community safe.”

“To be exact, he has 22 felony charges along with 24 misdemeanor charges, yet somehow, this individual is out roaming free within our community, terrorizing our citizens,” Augello stated.

“This murder could’ve been prevented if Giambanco served his full 53-month sentence back in April 2021,” he fumed.

Giambanco was arrested for second-degree murder with a firearm, false imprisonment, grand theft of a firearm, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, WESH reports. Based on the evidence they discovered at the home of the slain 69-year-old, police said Giambanco was immediately fingered as a suspect in the homicide investigation.

Police have not yet identified the victim, but his neighbor across the street told WESH that he was a “nice guy.”

“He was a good neighbor. Good friend of mine,” Richard Redwanowski told the outlet. “He wouldn’t hurt anybody. He’s a super, super straight-up nice guy.”

“He was on oxygen, so he was kind of frail,” Redwanowski continued. “I built something for him and his son helped me carry it over there so that’s the last time I saw him.”

The neighbor admitted he was rattled by the unsettling loss of his friend.

“I could’ve been a victim easy,” he said. “This was just kind of scary.”

Melissa Fine


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