Florida GOP candidate saddles up to show support for President Trump


A Republican contender for the Florida House of Representatives took time off of the campaign trail to saddle up on a different trail with fans of President Donald Trump in a creative demonstration of support.

Meg Weinberger, a candidate for State House District 94, joined fellow Trump supporters for part of the trek spanning from West Palm Beach to Palm Beach Island, where the former president’s Mar-a-Lago estate is located. But this was no ordinary Trump-flag-waving parade. Weinberger and her group showed their support while on horseback.

“Trump’s America First policies really resonate with folks in my district. What better way to show our support for President Trump than to ride across the county with our Trump flags?” Weinberger said.

The group, joined by top horse trainer Rick Steed who made the trip from his Ft. Myers home on the state’s west coast, was well received as they traveled across the portion of Palm Beach County.


“Today’s ride proves that this is what America wants, no matter what the mainstream media might say,” Weinberger, a fierce animal rights advocate in South Florida, noted. “It was pretty amazing!”



Weinberger, who is running to succeed Representative Rick Roth in Florida’s 94th House District, is critical of President Joe Biden and his administration’s disastrous policies which have directly affected constituents.

“Under Biden, our country is going downhill fast,” she said. “Crime is up, prices are soaring, and our reputation on the world stage is taking a hit. Open borders and high inflation are hurting people in District 94.”

“Every day, folks tell me they’re worried about where our country is headed. They want leadership that puts America first,” she added.

Weinberger “has dedicated her life to advocating for the most vulnerable in society. With unwavering passion, she stands up for individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities, foster children, and animals in need,” her campaign website notes.

“Growing up alongside her adopted sister Louise, who had Down Syndrome, Meg developed a unique understanding of the impact of love and compassion,” according to her bio.

“She grew up putting these character traits into action as the family nurtured abused animals back to health, brought underprivileged children to church services and Sunday school and both fostered and adopted children in need of a better life and loving family.”

Weinberger frequently rescues abused animals, including horses, and rehabilitates them through her non-profit animal sanctuary Rescue Life, but she maintains a sense of humor through all of it.

“We rescued a ram from Animal Control this week and named him RAMMaswamy,” she said, referring to former 2024 GOP presidential candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy.

Weinberger is an active supporter of the faith-based, state-licensed foster care organization Place of Hope, as well as the Special Olympic Hometown Foundation. She is a former VP and Board Member of the Big Dog Ranch and in 2022, was appointed to Stetson University Board of Trustees.

She has been endorsed by GOP Florida State Rep. Mike Caruso and earned the endorsement of VFAF Veterans for Trump.

In addition to her animal advocacy, Weinberger is a proponent of the sanctity of human life and the rights of the unborn. Her campaign platform includes a call to enforce immigration laws, ban sanctuary cities, lower taxes, and support school choice. She is also looking to invest in infrastructure to protect waterways and support farmers and law enforcement.

Weinberger is standing firmly behind Trump in his re-election bid, believing that Americans are looking for strong leadership and someone who “looked out for us.”

“We need a strong leader to steer us through these tough times. What’s happening now is a disaster,” she said. “People want to go back to when our leader looked out for us.”

Frieda Powers


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