101 REPUBLICANS pass Dem’s Omnibus bill that ‘fully funds open border policies’: Now, own it!

It doesn’t matter if you have a slim majority on your side when you have 101 ‘Republicans’ who will throw you under the bus.

At least, that is the general feeling from liberty-loving Americans after the House passed a massive Omnibus spending bill packed with earmarks and perks for everything but American sovereignty.

The House Freedom Caucus took to X to slam the “1.2 trillion boondoggle that fully funds Biden’s open borders” and those that voted for it.

For days, Republicans had been in-fighting about the massive bill that was dropped in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Of course, there’s not enough time to read 1,012 pages, which is entirely the point, so common-sensed Americans and a few grounded Republicans were calling for a government shutdown rather than approving more wasteful, reckless and dangerous spending.

But alas, big-government Democrats and 101 Republicans were able to squeak it out without any thought to the border that is currently being obliterated.

The move prompted Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to follow through on her threat to oust newly appointed GOP Speaker Mike Johnson.

Marjorie Taylor Greene had sounded off on the floor calling out Republicans for supporting a ‘Chuck Schumer Democrat controlled bill.”

With Republicans like this, who needs Democrats?

The anger over the vote was palpable:

MTG is on it!

They may not have known everything in the bill, but they knew enough NOT to vote for it:

Own it!


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