Floundering KJP parrots ‘equity’ talking point when grilled on losing Hispanic and Black support

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre found herself having to defend her boss in what would normally be pretty friendly territory.

President Joe Biden’s spokesperson insisted there was no cause for worry in an appearance on MSNBC where she downplayed concerns about his dwindling support among black and Hispanic voters.

Co-host Willie Geist on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Tuesday repeatedly pressed Jean-Pierre about the reality as she declared that Americans need to be patient in the face of failed Bidenomics policies.

Geist brought up a new USA Today/Suffolk poll when asking Jean-Pierre about the “warning signs” the numbers mean for the floundering Democratic president with a historically low approval rating.

The USA Today and Suffolk University survey showed that former President Trump is leading Biden in key demographics that previously backed the Democrat. Among Hispanic voters, Trump saw 39 percent to Biden’s 34 percent, in a group the president carried in 2020 with 65 percent of the vote.

His support among black voters has also dropped dramatically from 87 percent to 63 percent according to the new poll.

Geist questioned Jean-Pierre about the numbers that could not be ignored, saying the poll “shows warning signs among the coalition that supported Democrats and this president so long.”

“How do you explain those numbers?” he asked.

“I’ll be very careful because you mentioned Donald Trump, so I’ll be really careful in not talking about the 2024 election because of the Hatch Act,” the press secretary began with a sigh.

“When the president walked in, unemployment was at 9.2 percent,” she claimed, beginning by addressing the black community.

“Now it’s under it’s under 6 percent. That’s because of Bidenomics, as we started this conversation. Very similarly in the Latino community, we saw unemployment go down. And we saw, also when you think about wealth, the wealth gap, the economic wealth, that grew with both communities,” Jean-Pierre stated.

“So, look, the president has always, always put equity at the center of every policy he’s put forward, every legislation that he’s put forward, because we understand that many communities have been left behind, have been left behind,” Biden’s spox added.

But that did not fully answer the question Geist had asked and the MSNBC co-host pressed the issue again.

“How do you explain the groups that have supported Joe Biden for so long, Democrats for so long now kind of looking around, actually. And among young voters, too, not just that they’re looking at Donald Trump, but they’re looking at other choices. How do you explain them sort of straying from this president, from the Democratic Party?” he asked.

“Look, we understand what the American people went through these past three years, right? We came out of a pandemic, a pandemic that we haven’t seen in a hundred years. And when the president walked in, the economy was upside-down,” she claimed.

“And so we get it. We get that, so it’s going to take a little bit of time for folks to feel what the Bidenomics has been able to do. That’s not something that I’m saying. That’s something that economists have said. Right?”

“It takes a little bit of time. But it doesn’t mean, it doesn’t mean that the president is not going to continue to work,” Jean-Pierre declared, never specifically addressing the president’s loss of support.

Frieda Powers


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