Fmr GOP strategist suggests making people recite ‘Biden is a duly-elected president’ to access WHCD events

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Before being allowed to enter the White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) events, PR guru and former GOP strategist Juleanna Glover wants to force people, on video, “in front of a live mic,” to declare in no uncertain terms that Joe Biden “is a duly elected president.”

“If you can’t do that, then GTFO,” because, Glover said without a discernable hint of irony, the weekend “is about celebrating a free press.”

The requisite virtue signal could be made in front of the press, amid the flurry of photographs that are shot as guests pose for paparazzi prior to entering exclusive A-list parties, Glover suggested to Politico editor Michael Schaffer.

“Instead of those absurd step and repeat set ups at the entrance of every event, they should just have a single microphone linked to a video recorder,” Glover said. “Everyone should just stop and repeat that Biden is a duly elected president in front of a live mic. If you can’t do that, then GTFO. This weekend is about celebrating a free press that at its aspirational best underpins our shared truths and seditionist lies that threaten the principle of the peaceful transfer of power are incompatible to that.”

Did you catch that, readers?

Unless you publicly and without hesitation regurgitate whatever narrative Glover’s media pals wish to push on the public — regardless of your own assessment of the facts or any of that pesky intellectual curiosity journalists are meant to possess — you simply aren’t welcome to hang with Juleanna and her ilk.

You’re beneath them.



The annual Correspondents Dinner, known by insiders as the “Nerd Prom,” has long featured celebrities, a comedic roast of the sitting president, and non-stop VIP parties over a long D.C. weekend.

The celebration of how awesome and relevant the media is to everyone was paused for two years due to the pandemic, and former President Donald Trump chose — for reasons that are obvious to anyone who remembers how the press treated Trump — to skip the D.C. tradition, so the anticipation for this event is palpable to Glover’s crowd, threatened only by the presence of “deniers.”

Glover, for one, will exercise great care to ensure she doesn’t accidently mingle with the wrong sort as she attempts to navigate a Washington she fears may “normalize” dissenting views.

“This is the first time this has happened in the post-Trump era, where it really is a moral question before the country,” Glover said of the WHCD. “The question is, can Washington normalize?”

“In my brain and body it’s ‘I hope not,’ because if so, then we’re morally benumbed,” she cautioned. “On a weekend dedicated to freedom of the press, is it okay to raise a glass and toast with a seditionist?”

Again, if there was any irony or self-awareness at all to Glover’s tone, Shaffer didn’t mention it in the article.

But Glover will bravely host her own wingding, welcoming into her closely guarded circle human-rights activists from Rwanda, Syria, and Ukraine.

No word on whether her guests will have to recite anything to gain entry, but they will allow the RINO Glover to be social with the right kind of people.

“I’ll go out to things, yes,” Glover said. “But will I be socializing with deniers? I don’t think so.”


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