Focus group shows Jan 6 concern level of moderate Americans

Despite the media and mostly left-leaning politicians filling the airwaves with memories of January 6, 2021, it appears that average Americans just aren’t focused on it.

That’s what White House correspondent Alex Roarty discovered when he watched two focus groups of moderate voters – held by a liberal group – who didn’t rate the events of that day on their list of concerns. This isn’t a good look for Democrats, who believe that Jan 6 was a rallying cry against democracy by those involved.

Roarty posted a Twitter threat that captures exactly how the two groups reacted to discussing Jan 6:

“Moderator asked 1st group (five women) about Jan 6th. Long pause followed, before one of the women asked what he meant. Invoking “Jan. 6″ didn’t immediately mean anything, even days after the anniversary.”

The second focus group, which was made up of men, didn’t give Democrats much to work with either.

Anyone else starting to sense a pattern here?

Long story short, moderate voters are more concerned with kitchen table issues such as 7% inflation, the highest level in 40 years, than they are with the liberal media’s pet issues. This didn’t come as a shock to many Twitter users, who recognized the disconnect between the average American and the media:

Sierra Marlee


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