Former AG Bill Barr cackles heartily over Steve Bannon’s imprisonment

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has a certain knack for coming across as diabolical, and he boosted that image in a big way on Monday.

Barr appeared on Fox News’ Your World to respond to the Supreme Court delivering a big win for former President Donald Trump by ruling that presidents have “absolute immunity” from “official” acts, with the decision coming the same day former Trump aide Steve Bannon reported to prison to serve a 4-month sentence on a contempt of Congress charge.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

While lending credence to the efforts on the Left to spin the high court’s ruling and suggest Trump would exploit it in a sinister plot to go after his enemies, a campaign that confuses justice with retribution, Barr mentioned Bannon’s name. When host Neil Cavuto pointed out that Bannon was now sitting in prison, Barr let out a cheery cackle.

Bannon, who sees himself as a “political prisoner,” reported to federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut, on Monday for defying a subpoena from the sham House select committee formed by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to investigate the Jan. 6, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Considering that only former Trump aides are put behind bars for this so-called crime, one might think Barr would have a problem with this.

Cavuto, who is decidedly anti-Trump, asked Barr if the former president would be “emboldened” by the Supreme Court ruling.

“There are others who look at his age when he’s leaving office and he wouldn’t have to worry about punishment,” Cavuto said. “It would be an afterthought to him, so he might be emboldened to do that.”

“I would say the president acts through people,” Barr replied. “And maybe he wouldn’t worry about it, although I think he would, but the people that are around him and being asked to do things, certainly I think they’re going to make sure that they’re behaving within the law.”

“I understand people’s concern, especially given his frequently incendiary rhetoric,” he continued. “I’m just saying, having experienced working with the person and being a subordinate of his– you know, Bannon says I’m the first to go to prison under President Trump. I don’t lose any sleep over it.”

“I think he’s in prison right now himself,” Cavuto chimed in, prompting a hearty chuckle from Barr.

“I don’t mean to make light of that,” Cavuto responded, after making light of it.

Bannon told supporters and protesters Monday before being jailed that he was “proud to go to prison.”

“If this is what it takes to stand up to tyranny,” he said. “If this is what it takes to stand up to the Garland corrupt, criminal DOJ, if this is what it takes to stand up to Nancy Pelosi, if this is what it takes to stand up to Joe Biden, to Joe Biden, I’m proud to do it.”

Think what you will of Donald Trump, but it’s difficult to deny the lawfare being waged against the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee. Given what we now know, there can also be no denying that there was an ongoing effort, a soft coup, to undermine Trump as president. An effort that involved more than one 3-letter federal agency. And while Bannon sits in a federal prison, the people behind this effort have yet to pay a price.

Tom Tillison


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