Legendary reporter says Biden’s staffers revealed 20 ‘marked incidence of cognitive decline and physical infirmity’ in past 18 months

Former Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein figured it was better late than never to admit he’d heard multiple witness accounts about President Joe Biden’s mental and physical decline in the last few months.

But the legendary reporter behind President Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal evidently did not think the nearly two dozen stories of “marked incidence of cognitive decline and physical infirmity” were worthy of his reporting. Bernstein has jumped on the bandwagon with leftist media colleagues who are just now coming forward with information they already possessed about Biden’s mental and physical decline.

He spoke with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday, admitting that Biden’s supportive staffers and advisers have revealed that “in the last six months” they have seen a marked decline and that last week’s dismal debate performance was not a “one-off” for the president.

(Video Credit: CNN)

Bernstein confessed that he’d been hearing from multiple “sources” about problems with Biden long before they were on full display during last week’s presidential debate.

“These are people, several of them, who are very close to President Biden, who love him, have supported him – among them are some people who have raised a lot of money for him – and they are adamant that what we saw the other night, the Joe Biden we saw, is not a one-off,” said the 80-year-old CNN political analyst.

“That there have been 15, 20 occasions in the last year-and-a-half when the president has appeared somewhat as he did in that horror show that we witnessed, and what’s so significant is the people that this is coming from and also how many people around the president are aware of such incidents, including some reporters, incidentally, who witness some of them,” he said.

“These people who have supported him, loved him, campaigned for him, see him often say that in the last six months particularly, there has been a marked incidence of cognitive decline and physical infirmity,” Bernstein continued.

“They have all gone to Ron Klain in the past year to say ‘we have a problem’ such as we saw the other night,” he said, referring to former White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain and adding that these concerns were “pushed back repeatedly.”

“There have been numerous instances where the president has lost his train of thought [and] can’t pick it up again,” Bernstein told Cooper.

“There was a fundraiser in which he started at the podium, and then he became very stiff, according to the people there, as if it were almost a kind of rigor mortis set in,” he said of the event at the Four Seasons in New York in June 2023. “A chair had to be brought for him to do the latter part of the event.”

Bernstein claimed he has been hearing how “sharp” Biden is on some policies but that it is not how he always appears.

“There is no question. I have heard for two years how sharp Joe Biden is in his national security meetings, on Ukraine, on the situation in Gaza… he has an absolute command of the facts,” he told Cooper.

“We’re clearly dealing with two sets of one person,” he added, noting that the president “has good days [and] bad days.”

“But this is a problem that’s not going to go away unless it’s explicable. Does this mean doctors’ reports? I mean, obviously, it would be great if we could have real doctors’ reports from both candidates. Well, that’s not going to happen,” the journalist said.

Bernstein joined the ranks of countless media talking heads who are now revealing what they knew all along, and social media users shredded him for contributing to the lies.

“That Watergate legend knew and kept quiet,” film critic and podcaster Christian Toto wrote on X.

“The coverage surrounding Biden’s dementia feels a lot like the coverage of Harvey Weinstein,” posted John Hasson. “A lot of self-righteous reporters coming forward with stories about things they knew for months/years but didn’t tell before.”

“Interesting. I wish @andersoncooper had asked @carlbernstein why he waited until now to report this,” writer Jay Caruso posted.

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