Former Dem fundraiser questions why DNC isn’t in ‘panic mode’ over donor exodus

A former Democrat fundraiser commented on the “ridiculous moment” facing his party as they are confronted with an exodus of donors who want President Joe Biden off the ticket for November’s election.

“I would be in a panic mode, because this is the thing – you know, as we’re going into Q3, this is make or break when it comes to fundraising for political fundraising,” former Biden supporter and now Republican Will Pierce told “Fox & Friends” on Friday.

“And now that you have these donors that are leaving, where’s this money coming from?” he wondered.

“If you’re Democratic staff or the Democratic committee overall, how are you going to fund not only the top of the race but your down-ticket races?” he posited.

(Video Credit: Fox News)

“It’s just a very disastrous thing. And right now, the Democratic Party, instead of stepping up and saying, ‘Hey, what’s good for the party and for the country,’ they’re looking to say, ‘Oh, no, let’s just have Biden serve.’ It’s a very ridiculous moment right now,” Pierce concluded.

The panic is spreading in the aftermath of Biden’s dumpster fire debate with former President Donald Trump. Longtime Democrat strategist James Carville blasted those who continue to stand by the 81-year-old president despite his tanking poll numbers and cognitive decline issues, telling donors to stop funding candidates who continue backing Biden’s re-election campaign.

“You can feel the tide shifting and it’s irreversible,” Megyn Kelly said of the negative reports about the president.

The Washington Post editorial board even offered Biden a pre-written speech to deliver to Americans declaring he was stepping down.

Even liberal Hollywood has pumped the brakes.

Longtime Democratic donor Damon Lindelof told Democrats to “stop giving” money to Biden whom he urged to step down in a piece published in Deadline.

“My name is Damon Lindelof,” wrote the Hollywood showrunner. “I am a lifelong Democrat and I love my complicated, glorious country. I am not writing this anonymously because I’m asking others in positions of influence to do the same.”

“I don’t know if what I have to say will matter, but I know what my eyes and my ears and my heart tell me,” he added. “I’ve been asleep at the wheel and it’s time to wake the f— up.”

He described last week’s CNN debate as “simply game-changing” and noted the importance of money in fostering change.

“When a country is not behaving how we want them to, we apply harsh economic sanctions. It’s a give and take — Short-term hurt for long-term healing,” wrote the megadonor who has contributed to the campaigns of former President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Biden.

“When they text you asking for cash, text back that you’re not giving them a penny and you won’t change your mind until there’s change at the top of the ticket,” Lindelof added.

“And when Joe finally leaves the mound, I will stand and applaud. Because he truly pitched a great game,” he said, adding that he would “double the size of the checks” if that happened.

“God bless you for making it through this stream of conscientious consciousness,” he concluded, “and God bless America.”

Frieda Powers


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