‘DO IT!’ Chicago Dem Socialists on a mission to make the DNC a political nightmare for Biden

As predicted, the Democrat National Convention is gearing up to be extra spicy this year.

After the questionable decision to host the DNC ahead of one of the most consequential presidential elections in crime-ridden Chicago, Mayor Johnson has been fumbling with efforts to make sure the event runs smoothly. After banning an effective, but ‘racist’ technological crime deterrent, Johnson caught widespread backlash when he tried to reinstate the contract — at least through August 22nd, when the convention ends.

Perhaps the DNC didn’t think it’d have much to worry about in the deep blue city. Or at least it was nearly entirely Democrat-friendly, until now.

With Joe Biden’s presidency on the chopping block after a disastrous debate and numerous incidents of troubling behavior, Chicago Democrat Socialists of America smell blood in the water and have vowed to make the upcoming convention a nightmare for their party’s presidential nominee.

Citing the funding of ‘genocide’ in Gaza, the DSA is on a mission to oust Biden for someone they believe can beat Trump. Who would that be? They don’t say, at least not in this announcement anyway.

The DSA is hoping to gather enough angry Democrats outside the DNC to create a ‘political disaster’ for Biden. There are an estimated 40,000 expected to protest at the DNC, but it’s not enough, according to the Dem Socialists.

The group is hoping to gather 1,000,000 protesters — grab your popcorn folks!

And while they are correct in saying there is no shortage of things to be angry about, the group predictably wants to target the “capitalist class” to create a future where “no one gets left behind.”

It’s more like, “where everyone gets left behind,” but that’s for another discussion. Today, we’re talking DNC chaos and plenty of X users are here for it:

Like I said, it’s time to stock up on popcorn.

So many rules!

And while seemingly right-leaning folks were all for the idea, there were plenty of lefties who were not amused.


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