Former Dem lawmaker hammers Biden regime over scheme to house NYC migrants at NJ airport

The Biden administration’s new scheme to ease the burden on overwhelmed New York City by proposing that some of the illegal aliens be relocated to a New Jersey airport had the state’s political leaders seeing red, one of them a former Democrat lawmaker.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials reportedly contacted NYC Mayor Eric Adams this week with a list of a number of sites owned by the federal government that could serve as options to the Big Apple, including Atlantic City International Airport which drew a harsh response from Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) who represents the district where the airport is located.

Congressman Van Drew, who jumped ship from the Democratic Party to the GOP  in 2020 appeared on Fox News where he discussed the disastrous immigration policies of the Biden  administration which he called the “worst in American history” on Friday’s edition of “Fox & Friends.”

(Video: Fox News)

“We’re going to fight this with every ounce of strength that we have. It is the wrong thing. You know, when we said what was happening at the southern border was going to affect the entire United States of America, this is what happens. I want people to listen out there. This is not just an Arizona problem, or a Texas problem or a California problem. This is a United States of America problem,” he said.

“And now they want to come into our beautiful county, our beautiful South Jersey, and try to ruin that as well. There’s also a national defense issue here. This is a very, very important issue to understand,” Van Drew added. “We have the FAA technical center there that’s doing very important work, some of which is very significant for the safety of this country and air flight. And we have our F-16s that are there as part of our defense, as well, as part of the Air National Guard, 177 fighter wing. They are the first line of defense for Washington, D.C. and New York City.”

“This is a disaster in the making. I mean, this is the worst administration. I used to say, in my lifetime. Now, this is the worst administration in the history of the United States of America,” he said.

On Thursday, Rep. Van Drew sent a letter to President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas opposing the migrant relocation proposal, hammering the two Democrats for the “chaos” that their immigration policies have caused.

“President Biden and his administration have continually refused to enforce our nation’s rule of law. Instead of securing our southern border, the administration is spending taxpayer dollars to fly illegal immigrants across the country to areas that simply do not have the want or resources to house them. This is their mess, they deal with it and leave South Jersey out of it,” said Van Drew in a statement posted to his website.

“Americans are struggling enough as it is to afford basic necessities, and now, rather than dealing with the problem, President Biden is destroying cities by overpopulating them with the influx of illegal immigrants. Just yesterday, 7,000 migrants crossed our southern border. This is completely out of hand and South Jersey will not be responsible for dealing with this administration’s failures. I call on Governor Murphy to unequivocally reject this proposal,” the congressman said.

New Jersey’s Democrat Governor Phil Murphy also opposes the regime’s dirty tricks and is singing a different tune about sanctuary cities now that they could be shipped to his state.

“I don’t see any scenario where we’re going to be able to take in a program in Atlantic City or frankly elsewhere in the state,” he said on a local television outlet’s “Ask Governor Murphy” segment on Thursday. “You need scale, enormous amount of federal support, resources that go beyond anything that we can afford.

“Putting everything else aside, I just don’t see it,” the governor said, adding that migrants have already come to New Jersey and they are “probably coming from New York or other locations.”

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