Former MLB player explains why he deleted X account after being ‘outed’ for flirtatious DM to influencer

A former professional ball player offered a lesson on striking out after temporarily deleting his social media account days after a private message to a young influencer was made public.

“Trust me, it’s really hard to embarrass me.”

Two-time World Series champion Aubrey Huff, 47, took a brief hiatus from X after the holidays following the publication of a message he had sent to 23-year-old influencer Isabella Maria DeLuca. His return days later came with an ample degree of leaning into the flak and setting the record straight.

“I was on vacation with my kids,” explained the retired journeyman player Thursday. “Knew it would distract me that kind of heat. So I waited till I got home and the boys went to their moms. So here I am. Imagine a guy more concerned about his kids than his social media credibility. The horror.!!!”

Huff’s brief period off of X traced back to Christmas when he had sent a direct message (DM) to DeLuca that she later made public amid deleted comments from him referencing her, “delusional self worth” and “desperate need for attention.”

The DM sent Christmas night read, “Hey beautiful let’s [collaborate] over cocktails and bad decisions.”

Sharing a screenshot of the message on New Year’s Day, DeLuca went on to write, “this man has the audacity to insult me but is a married father of 2 dming me on christmas day [sic].”

The father of two teenage sons with ex-wife Barbara Heaton, Huff didn’t shy away from his flirtation with the influencer or the facts as he pointed out, “…it’s called Google. Famous people like myself aren’t hard to find. If you figure out how to use the internet you’ll find I’ve been divorced for 6 years. Last I checked, there’s no crime for a single dude DM’ing a broad.”

At one point, having noted that you “miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take,” the former major leaguer made light of the entire situation and asked rhetorically, “Was it even bad!? So what, I struck out publicly. Something I did 907 times on a national stage during my 13 years @MLB career.”

He continued with some commentary reflecting his own self-worth as he said, “If anything @IsabellaMDeLuca struck out with the bases loaded to end game 7 of her World Series! Not [too] many get a shot at the title.”

Known for routinely calling out woke culture permeating society and vocally taking a stand early on against masking policies repeatedly proven ineffective at combatting the spread of COVID, Huff went on to point out that DeLuca had ultimately blocked him upon his return to X and criticized himself for not finding out more about her before his flirtatious opening salvo, “Only thing I’m embarrassed for is the lack of homework. But hey, we strike out sometime. All we can do is step back in the box. Trust me, it’s really hard to embarrass me.”

For her part, DeLuca’s decision to block Huff came as part of a move to disengage from a “cycle of harassment and bullying.” As she explained, “I’m not going to subject myself to the toxic dynamics of a setting where adults my parents’ age, who should be offering guidance, instead engage in behaviors reminiscent of a high-school bully toward someone half their age.”

Kevin Haggerty


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